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Area Info

Dirs: From W-Cross, 69 sw, 23 s, 1 w.

Coder: Nym

General Descrip:

Difficulty: partied midbie

Area Size: 100 or so

Last Update: December 2009

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive    a = areas     b = blocks
p = poisons       c = chaos bolt/power blast

Armourer                  a           30k   none
Black ninja               *        50-60k   random eq
Black Wu gen, mage        a           20k   wakizashi
Electric spider           *           17k 
Ghost of spirit folk      *           18k
Ghoul of Spirit Folk      *            3k 
Giant spider              *            8k   none
Large stone spider       b*c          45k   
Mobats                    *         .1-2k   none
Ninja swinging weapon     *        40-70k   random eq
Old beggar                             8k
Old fragile skeleton                   3k   random
Red Wu gen, mage                      50k   wakizashi
Skeleton w/hanging flesh  *            1k   none
Skeleton of Spirit Folk   *           14k   random
Sonmanal                                k   loin cloth
Thief                     *p          38k   gleaming dagger, smaill multi-colored key
Very bored monk                         k   none
Warl Su                                 k   none
Weaponsmith                           24k
Wight of the Spirit Folk  *           12k   none
Wisened old man                         k   iron staff


Abnormally tall orc           *
Dumb looking ogre             *        5k   misc
Fat ugly ogre                 *        7k   misc
Large hairy ogre              *        5k   misc
Ogre king                     *        ?k   
Ogre mage                     *       27k   small key in the shape of an ogre's head
Ogre with attitude            *
Orc king                      *        ?k
Orc, looking for his king     *        2k   misc
Orc, wandering the caves      *       10k   misc
Very short orc                *        3k   misc

Area Map:

Entrance to Akira


Level 1 of Akira Cave:

             o o o   k
             | | |   |
             o o o   o
            /| | |\ /
           / o o o o
          / /  | |
         o o   o o-D
        /   \
       o     o
        \   /

Level 2 of Akira Cave:

     o o
     | |
     | |
     o o

Secret rooms omitted.
Rooms marked with 'k' have a mob with a key.

The old man's story:  

The man looks very excited that someone has finally come to talk to him.  He
immediately starts to tell you the history of this realm.  He begins:

Many years ago, Akira became king of Kara-Tur.  He ruled until one fateful day
when he became very ill.  People from around the realm came to see him.  His
illness overcame him, and he passed on.

The man coughs, clears his throat and asks 'Would you like to hear more?'

Unknown to the people, Akira made a pact with the dark evils of the realm. 
This pact was to help him remain alive forever.  So, on the night the everyone
thought he died, he was actually reborn.

No one knows what has happened since that night, which was many thousands of
years ago, except that less than a year ago, Akira came back to take control
of Kara-Tur with an evil army of monsters.

A fierce battle ensued, and many of the city's defenders fell, as well as the
majority of Akira's forces.  Knowing that they could not win, the defenders of
the city used the ancient magic arts to create an interdimensioanl prison and
trap Akira in it.  But, in the process of trapping Akira, they also trapped

The interdimensional prison was sealed by a puzzle, consisting of nine
different pieces.  To open the prison, you must collect the nine different
pieces and assemble them.  Know this, though:  once you enter the prison,
there is no way out until you defeat Akira!

The nine pieces of the puzzle were strewn around the realm.  Some of Akira's
minions protect them, so the defenders can't be freed, and some lawful
citizens protect others, so that Akira can never walk the realm again.

The man looks very tired, and sits down for a rest.


  - Shake web, paper falls from it.  Paper says "Modar".

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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