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Village of Aldor

Area Info

Dirs: Rothikgen, in the northwest quadrant of the continent.


General Descrip: Nice little village with a kobold problem in the tunnles north of town.

Difficulty: Newbie to partied mid.

Area Size: 43+ rooms

Last Update: December, 2009

Monsie Info:

* = aggr,  b = blocking, m = meteor blast


Aged woman cleaning (Selma)         13k   misc
Devilish ant                   *    16k   blood of the devilish ant
Dreghar, Captain of guards
Donovan, baker's son                60k   brass bar
Junior guard                        11k   iron long sword, misc armour
Junior guard on patrol 
Man sitting on the chair            12k   wood staff, wool robe
Man standing behind counter         29k   none
Nin'zhal, the shaman
Senior gateguard
Senior guard                        21k   iron mace, iron breastplate
Slender human villager               5k   none
Stray dog
Tanned human villager               10k   misc
Vincent                        m     ?k  
Zatha                               25k   none


Farmhand working the fields         10k   misc
Full grown sheep                     2k   none
Giulia, farmer's niece               ?k
John, chief of the farm             14k   misc
Pacific Hereford cow                 1k   none
Young maid                           4k   none


Middle-sized kobold            *    10k   
Narakh the kobold commander    *
Sedrah the cleric              *
Small-sized kobold             *     5k   iron dagger

Area Map:

Village of Aldor

              O-O-O     Tunnel with aggressive kobolds
             /  |  \
            O   C   O   C = commander
             \     /
              \   /
               \ /
            O-O-O  move wood, enter gap (to enter and exit)
            / O O
           /   \
    O   O /     O-O   hut
     \ / /       \
      O-O       O O O
    farmhouse     O-O-O
                  |     bakery
              O O O
              | | |
              O-O-A=O-*  aggr ant          A = alley
              | | |      in alley
              O O O-O
   Elder's hut  H-O-O


* In elder's hut (marked H on map):
  search bookshelves
    You go through the bookshelves and notice several interesting books in them. 
    One of them makes you especially curious, it's called 'Potions and poisons'. 

  read potions and poisons

    You take the book from the bookshelf and start to read..
    You open the book and start reading..
    Herbs and roots can be used to many different things, to heal and to harm. This chapter of the book introduces some methods in harming with herbal mixtures. To create a powerful poison you need to have the following: 
         an empty flask 
         a poisonous plant 
         acidic liquid 
         herbal mixture 
         a drop of blood 
    After obtaining these, mix all the materials in empty flask and the lethal poison is ready. 

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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