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Area Info

Dirs: The area has two entrances. One is 2e from Bob's Apple Orchard, and the other is 2se, 7e from Bob's Apple Orchard.


General Descrip:Amazon area is also known as Alchemist's Tower and Mist.

Difficulty: Mid to high

Area Size:

Last Update: August 21, 1999

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive

Amazon citizen                     20k
Amazon warrior on garden duty *     4k
Amazon warrior on guard duty  *    55k    
Apprentice                           ?
Bantha                        *    80k    amazon blade, purple amazon cloak
Butler                              4k    black vest
Cleaner                             3k    
Cook                                1k    key to kitchen storage
Dane                               80k    purple amazon cloak, amazon blade
Gardener                            3k    black silk robe
Goblin                        *     1k
Grand master alchemist        *   150k    +4 dex sandals
HUGE cave rabbit              *     3k    bloody rabbit's foot (+1 dodge)
Huge orc (Gagnorog)           *    ~6k    orcish broadsword
Large orc standing here       *    <1k    orcish scimitar
Large wiry orc female (Galathna)    8k
Messenger                           7k    
Ogre                          *     7k    key to garden
Ogress                        *     8k    
Patrolling guard              *     5k    black shiny breastplate
Shade                         *    80k    amazon blade, purple amazon cloak
Small cave rabbit             *   <500
Tanya                              55k    purple amazon cloak, amazon blade
Tazla, the amazon bodyguard   *    60k?   star shaped shield, (key to alchemist?)

Area Map:

Amazons/Alch Tower/Mist
Maps by Quenthalion

        : = door/gate (several different keys)
        ? = unknown (gasp!)       

  tunnel:                1st floor:    |             2nd floor:    3rd floor:      4th floor:
             U                         D              
             |                         |               
             o                         o               o  o  o         o
             |                         :                \ | /          |
             o                         o              o--d/u--o   o--d/u--o         d:?
             |                         |                / : \          |
             o               maze      o   o o-o       o  o  o         o
             |               | | |    /|\  | :                 
             o           leave-o-o:o-o-o-o:o-U-o                 
             |               | | | |  \|/  : | :                 
             o               maze  o   o   o o o         

the woods:  haven't figured out how the maze works so I just put dirs to
locations in the forest maze.              
from the paths 'leave' room, go:
'n,w,n,w,n,w' to get to amazons se corner
'3 n, e'      to get to mouth of the underground orc cavern              

(n,w,n,w,n,w from misty woods entrance)

                     to gagnorog            U = up
                          |                 : = door      
                    o-o-o-o-o-o-o           ? = unknown
                    |     :     |           X = u/d
                    o U o-o-o-U o 
                    | |   |     |           (the four up rooms in the corners are just
                    o o ?:o ? o o             one-room dead ends)
                    | |   | : | |
                    | | : |   | | 
                    o o ? o:? o o
                    |     |   | |
                    o U-o-o-o U o
                    |     :     |
                      to gagnorog

Misty Woods Caverns:
(3 n, e, d from misty woods entrance)

                o-o o-o o-o   o-o
                  |   | | |   |
                o-o o-o-o o-o-o
                |   |   |   |
                o-o o o-o-o o o-o
                |   |       | |
                o-o-o-o-o   o-o o
                |   |         | |
                o o-o-o o-o-o-o o
                  |   |   |     |
                o-o-o o-U o o o o
                  |   |   | | | |
                o-o-o o o-o-o o-o
                  |   |         |
                o-o-o o   o-o-o-o
                  |   |     |

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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