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Amberley Mansion

Area Info

Dirs: Rothikgen, about halfway between Roth ferry and Shadowkeep.


General Descrip:


Area Size: 37+ rooms

Last Update: December, 2009

Monsie Info:

p = psi blast           g = golden arrow      v = vacuum bolts
x = poisons             G = grapples
eep! = grandma force fields to block you then dests until you party wipe

Amber Amberley        px    22k   none
Busy cook                   32k   none
Cecilia Amberley      g     36k   none
Edward Amberley       *
Eric Amberley               48k  
Fool                  v     80k   none
Gardener (Kevin)            25k   none
Grandma Amberley     EEP!    ?k
Half-asleep cook              
Hard-working servant        14k   Eric
Jonathan Amberley     *      ?k   Amberley staff
Lazy servant                12k   Matthew
Red-haired maid              9k   Sarah   none
Richard Amberley      g     25k   misc eq
Sentry                G      ?k   iron long spear, key   
Travelling minstrel         25k

Area Map:

First Floor:

             O-O   O-O
               |   |
             O-O   O-O
               |   |
               O   O
                \ /

Second Floor:

       cabinet-O   O-O
               |   |
               O O O-O
               | | | 
   grandma   O-O O O-O
                 O  Ralph

             o       o
             |       |                                                                    

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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