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Ant Hill

Area Info

Dirs: Lucentium

Coder: Noctur

General Descrip: A giant maze filled with ants that don't seem to want you there.

Difficulty: newbie to lowbie

Area Size: ~78 rooms

Last Update: December, 2009

Monsie Info:

*= agressive    b= blocking    p= poisons

In the grass:

Ant lion                 *b   16k   none
Fearless soldier ant     *   2-6k   chitnious plates
Nicodemus                    120k   robes, staff


Bright colored creature  *p   21k   none
Diamond pixie drake           40k   diamond vest
Emerald pixie drake            7k   emerald kilt
Glimmering dragonfly          18k  
Ruby pixie drake              11k   ruby cap
Sapphire pixie drake          11k   sapphire tail guard, gem
Small pixie drake              6k   gems

Ant Hill:

Odd, ill-looking mould       1-2k   none
Queen ant (enormous)       40-70k   chitinous plates , +1-2 con
Strong ant guarding         2-12k   chitinous plates
Strong ant on patrol     *   1.4k   chitinous plates
Strong ant runs here         1.3k
Sturdy worker ant            1.9k   none
Toxic snail              *bp   8k
Vicious soldier ant      *    900   chitinous plates
Warrior ant              *     7k
White larva                   250   a soft shell of the ant larva
White, silky cocoon            80   a silky cocoon of an ant
Worker ant                     1k


Happy tadpole                  1k
Lonely tadpole                 1k

chitinous plates go for about 200-400 gold, silky cocoon goes for 
about 100, and soft shell of a larva goes for about 100

Area Map:

Maps by Rakaep and Skaree.

Anthill surface level
                O o
   O      D-O O RIP WEBS
   |      | | |
   O      O-O-O
  /|\    / \|/       O
 O-U-O  O O-O        |
  \|/       |     O-U/D-O  (climb oak)
   O        O        |
           /|\       O



First Level:

              O-O-O- entrance

Second Level:  
                         * = entrance from 1st level

        O     _______________             O
       /|    /              /            / \
      O-O   /          O   /            O   O
     /|  \ /          / \ /                 |
  O-O-U*  u        O-O   d            O-O   O
   \|X|   |\        \|    \              \ /
    O-O   O-O        O     O              d
      |\ /           |\   /              /|
      D-O            O u O              O |
      |/              \ /                 |
      O                O \________________|


Third Level:

               / \
              O   O
             /|  /|
            O O O-O
           /  | | |\
          O   U D O-O
           \ / \ /
            O   O

Fourth Level:

               /   \
              O     O
             /|\   /
             \|/  |
              O   O

Fifth Level:


   *  Read the descriptions and you might find a nice reward.
   *  From first level, to go down type "hole".
   *  To go from second level to first, type "out".

   *  In the tree, something glitters amongst the leaves.
(01:35) Full tells you 'Shopkeeper evaluates the value of your items.'
(01:35) Full tells you '826  a ruby cape'
(01:35) Full tells you '912  an emerald amulet'
(01:35) Full tells you '639  sapphire gauntlets'
(01:37) Full tells you 'the cape is from the ruby drake to the east, the 
gauntlets are fromthe sapphire drake to the w, and the amulet is from the 
blocker emerald drake 1 u from the climb oak

   *  There is also an area quest.  You have to find the three 
      items that Nicodemus wants (pipe, tobacco, and tinder box).
      Once you give him all three items, he will give you a scroll.  
      He gave me a scroll of regen, and I only did the area quest 
      once, so not sure if the scroll is different spell each time 
      you do it.  Queen has one of the items, another is with an 
      aggro guardian ant, and the last item is hidden (its the 
      hard one to find).

      Here's the quest info:
      Quest: The ant hill
      Nicodemus the old Satyr needs your help. He is a retired 
      illusionist who nowadays spends most of his time studying 
      insects (especially ants) and smoking his pipe. But now the 
      ants have done a trick to him and stolen few of his items. 
      Maybe some younger adventurers could help him, since Nicodemus 
      himself is getting too old to search the items? The old satyr 
      spends most of his time by a large ant hill, on an island 
      somewhere west from the southern city of Lorenchia. You can 
      meet him there and see if he still needs your help.

  *  In the north, "dive pool" for extra rooms.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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