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Area Info

Dirs: Western Rothikgen. From the senic loc, "enter" and "read book". To exit later, type "close book".

Coder: Panner

General Descrip: Area contains Temple of Apollo and Gully dwarf sections.

Difficulty: lowbie and up

Area Size:

Last Update: July 2, 2010

Monsie Info:

Draconian captain       63k   Draconian scimitar
Draconian guard          5k  
Flint fireforge         23k   large gleaming axe
Golden commander       120k   golden mithril plate mail
Gully dwarf leader      88k   Chain mail helm, Mithril Chest Plate
                              Great hammer, Ring of Many Wonders
			      Dwarven leggings
Ice Dragon           * 350k   Rakirsai, The Blue Flame
Large Gully dwarf       12k   randoms
Medium Gully dwarf       5k   randoms
Small Gully dwarf        2k   randoms
Tanis                   27k   none
Tika Waylan             26k   randoms
Trashed customer        200   none

Area Map:

    E = entrance
    D = down

 Temple O
      : |
      U O
      |  \
      | | |
      D-O-U Flint
      | | |/
      O-E-O-O-O-O O O O O-O-D  (to Lower Caves)
               \| | |/     \
	      O O-O-O O O-O O
	      |   |    \ /  |
	      O O-O O   O O O
	      |\  | |  / \|/
	      O O-O-O-O   O
	            |    /
		O-O-O   O

Lower Caves:

         O   O-O-O O   O
	 |\  |    /   /
	 O O-U O O   O
	 |/ /  |  \ / \
	 O O-O-O O-O-O O
	   |\ / \ / /|
	 O-O O   O-O O
		/ \ /
	   O-O-O O O O <--Leader
	  / \   /|  /
	 O   O-O O-O

Draconian Tunnels:

         O-O  Ice dragon, aggressive
         O Captain
       O O O


After killing the gully dwarf leader, take the bow and go give it to Tanis, who will 
give you the Gem of Eternity.  Then go kill the golden commander, go to temple and pray 
in the altar, and Apollo will appear.  Give the Gem Of Eternity to Apollo and you will 
get the Dragon Lance. Then go to Draconian Captain and kill it.  After killing it you 
have to kill the ice dragon freezing the world, it's quite big(~350-400k), so take care. 
After you kill the dragon, you get Rakirsai, The Blue Flame. It's +3 con +fireprot +prot 
headslot, very light weight. Then you must open the chests, can't remember how anymore, 
but it's easy. Then put the dragonlance in the empty space that appears after opening the 
chests. Then an exit to south opens and you can get The circlet of flame from there, it's 
an +2-3 spr headslot.

Notes provided by Zoso.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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