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Area Info

Dirs: Laenor, SW from Arelium.


General Descrip:

      |          LAENOR ASYLUM            |

Difficulty: Midbie

Area Size: 11+ rooms

Last Update: Nov. 26, 2009

Monsie Info:

c = summon carnal spores

Eddie Pellerson          158k   ep eater, only in area when ep eater 
                                event is active
Eiya                       7k
Gerttuli                  12k   transparent shield
Konrad            c       37k   black belt with bird claw symbol, 
                                2 keys (red, yellow ), misc eq
Man jumping around        13k   misc cloth-type armours
Man w/ long black beard   52k   twig sword 
Tiny domestic mouse        1k

Area Map:

Main floor:






NPC emotes:

Gerttuli exclaims 'I hope that duergar doesn't come back, he gave me creeps!'   
  ask gerttuli about duergar
  Gerttuli says 'Yes, those evil short dudes, wizard one.' 
  ask gerttuli about wizard
  Gerttuli says 'The ones with funny hats and crackling handshakes, 
    the normal ones.'  

Gerttuli exclaims 'Just the other day, one skinny farmer dropped here and 
  asked me to help him!'    
  ask gerttuli about farmer
  Gerttuli says 'Skinny fellow, might be wandering outside somewhere.' 

Gerttuli exclaims 'That lazy bitch Eiya should come and clean that desk!'    

Konrad exclaims 'Might be time for some butt kicking soon!'    
Konrad asks 'Are you one of the new patients?'
Konrad exclaims 'I am so lucky that i got this special belt!'  
  ask konrad about belt
  Konrad says 'My beginner's kimuzu belt, with nightvision capabilities.'   
  ask Konrad about kimuzu.
  Konrad exclaims 'Shh! It is secret!'    
  ask Konrad about secret.
  Konrad exclaims 'Really big secret!'
  ask konrad about nightvision
  Konrad says 'Like the owls and trolls have.' 
Konrad exclaims 'I'll kill that old geezer if he makes another sound!'    
  ask konrad about geezer
  Konrad exclaims 'The old naked wacko in there!'  
Konrad exclaims 'If you happen to see that duergar here again, 
  tell him to piss off!' 
  ask konrad about duergar
  Konrad says 'Ugly meanie, magician or something...'    
  ask konrad about magician
  Konrad says 'How should i know? Wizard, mage, magician... All same to me.'
Konrad says 'Our nurse Eiya, is SO weird. She just stares to emptiness... 
  But she is pretty as the prettiest of the pearls.' 

Random conversation about the Asylum:

You tell X:  Any ideas what more there is in Asylum?
X tells you 'I didn't think there was much to the asylum'
You tell X:  *nods*  maybe there's not much..  I just couldn't figure out how 
  to get into the 2nd set of rooms, nor the locked door at the stairwell
You tell X:  I'll look at it again some other day.. sort of ran out of ideas
X tells you 'the downstairs locked door isn't openable I don't think'
You tell X:  must be something we're missing.. the NPCs are all talkative
X tells you 'that's the one that eddie pellerson wants to get into.'
You tell X:  ever talk to Eddie?
X tells you 'he has never told me much'

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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