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Castle Brantis

Area Info

Dirs: About 30 south of Diggas and 10 or so west.


General Descrip: Nice party area, good exp for newbie to mid parties and some nice eq. Tons of undeads, be prepared for curses and scars.

Difficulty: Midbie

Area Size:

Last Update: January 17, 2006

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive

Bartender                            4k      none
Big evergreen snapdragon            17k      none
Brantis' accountant                   ?      none
Brantis' hand                 *     18k      Axe of Brantis
Brantis' head                 *     52k      Crown of mental power
Brantis' legs                 *     43k      Strong sapphire boots
Brantis' torso                *     32k      Strong sapphire plate armour
Clone of Overlord Brantis           20k      none
Demon from lower planes       *     150      none
Confused skeletal donkey      *     400      none  
Extremely huge guard          *     70k  
Fierce fire dragon            *     50k
Gigantic green snapdragon     *     33k      none
Guard of Brantis              *     10k      none
Huge charging pitbull         *      3k      none
Large guard of Brantis        *     40k
Maggot infested bear          *     300	     none
Minion of Brantis (in bar)    *     12k      none
Nasty psionic dragon          *      6k      none
Nasty psionic ghoul           *      8k      none
Nasty zombie, animated        *    2-8k      none
Necromancers                  *     20k     
Overlord Brantis              *    230k      none
Powerful zombie               *    2-4k      none
Really Nasty blue snapdragon  *  15-20k
Remaining guard of Zcandler 
Small guard of brantis        *  20-25k      none
Ten foot zombie               *     20k      none
Transparent light creature    *     20k      none

Area Map:

Map by Meatpuppet, Dryad.

          weaponry -O- armory
          O         O
          |         |
        O-O-O   O-O-O-O-O       O
          |    /    |    \      |
   river -O----     O     ------O-O-O
                    |           |
               bar -O- morgue  hotel
                    O   O-O   Castle Brantis, up
                    |  /   \ /   Tunnels under Brantis, down
                    O-D     O

Castle Brantis, upper:

           U (northern tower)
  (prison  O
   tower)  |
     U     U (Brantis's tower)
      \    |
      from stairs

Northern Tower, Castle Brantis:

         chef luciano
 lord decanio-D-O

Tunnels under Brantis, RED:

           O-O*     *press green - return to outerworld
       press red

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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