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Brotherhood of Sorcery (Ad Chain)

Area Info

Dirs: Lucentium

Coder: Justice, then Natasha (1994). Recode by Matte (1997).

General Descrip: The huge links of an adamantium chain raise up towards an island floating in the void... it looks like you can climb the chain.


Area Size:

Last Update: November 26, 2002

Monsie Info:

Animated harp                24k   none
Apprentice sorcerer          13k   flowing brown robes, bronze staff
Apprentice sorceress         17k   silver tiara
Cute cherub
Deva                      *   4k   none
Drunk apprentice             11k   flowing brown robes, iron staff
Fat wizard                   14k   none
Gypsy thug                * 5-7k   iron knife
Lost soul                    14k   none
Mad mage                     25k   sharp scalpel
Old guildmaster              14k
Old gypsy fortune teller     18k   ball of glass
Old librarian                 1k
Poltergeist (undead)         10k   random weapon
Skeleton (undead)         *   2k   random short swords
Smelly cook                   2k   meat cleaver 
Undead dog (undead)       *   2k   none
Varne, the vampire           65k   regens so kill twice.. has one of black amulet
Zombie                    *   4k   none

Area Map:

               O    O   
               |\   |   
               | O  |   
               | /  |   
               |O   |   
               ||   |   
               |O   |    O (apprentice sorcerer)
               |    |    |
          top of chain--O--O---U/D---O
                       |    |    |
            (drunk)O  O-O    O
                (fat wizard)

Misc tips:

shake bookcase
enter painting
jump (through hole)
move mat (to get key)
push wall

 Varne has a black
 amulet.  There are two other big monsters in the area, one being St.
 Peter, guarded by two guardian angels, and another monster that I've
 never seen in the elemental area.  There are three paintings, and from
 each painting you can get one amulet, a black one, a red one, and a
 white one.  There is a room where you can insert the amulets into a wall
 or something, and I assume something interesting happens when you insert
 all three.  I've only ever had the black one, from killing Varne.  I
 guess it's some sort of area quest, but I know of no one who's completed
 My character name used to be Erick, but I suicided, so I guess this is
 news from beyond the grave....

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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