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Camp Site

Area Info

Dirs: on the E-W road north of the great southern mountain range. Roughly in the E-W center of the Bat map.

Coder: Malitrius, in 2000

General Descrip: Campsite area with some small aggressive monsies.

Malitrius describes it as:
The Campsite was coded about 2000. This area is another area I just made in a few hours, it's quite small (but not as small as you might think it is!), my idea to begin with was that it might be a good thief quest if Ruffneck would ever manage to get them into the game. Well he never did and remorted. So there's still no quest in this area, maybe it deserve to be an area quest though. I think the area has charm and it's hard to miss the theme of the area if you have managed to get to the end of it. A party of newbies can easily do this area, but I usually just see high level people soloing it.

Difficulty: Midbie

Area Size: small, about 9 rooms

Last Update: March 27, 2006

Monsie Info:

Boggy the ogre brigand is happy   *   6k   misc
Deleron                               4k   misc
Girruuth the orc brigand leader   *   7k   misc
Jug Mug                           *   5k   misc
Karnov Redbeard                       8k   none
K'tzul the nasty mountain orc     *   2k   misc
Moldan                               13k   none
Nicholai                              30   none
Wolfhound the green goblin        *   2k   misc

Area Map:

                    O (pool)
               / \
            O-O-O *  (5 aggrs)
              |   |
              O   O


  Aggressive monsies must appear in the entry room in order for the exit to appear.  
  If monsies are not present, the rest of the area will not be accessible.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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