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Catfolk Treehouse

Area Info

Dirs: A bit east of OBC, on the north side of the road.

Coder: Shinarae, opened in November of 2000.

General Descrip:

Rumors are slowly trickling into Bat City from merchants traveling the trade
route to Shadowkeep and back. They tell of a new village formed just off the
road, a town in the trees inhabited by catfolk. The catfolk are a largely warm
and friendly people, and while they do not tolerate hostile intrusions they
are more than welcome to visitors and passers-by. The merchants have also been
bringing some strange items back with them which they acquired in this treetop

Difficulty: Midbie.

Area Size: bunch-o-rooms, connected by ... catwalks!

Last Update: June, 2010

Monsie Info:

First Tree:

Handsome leopard-spotted          5k   misc
Leopard-furred catfolk            5k   misc
Leopard-spotted catfolk           5k   misc
Pretty leopard-spotted catfolk    3k   misc
Proud lion catfolk
Quiet leopard-furred catfolk      
Small kitten catfolk             <1k   small furry doll
Spotted, leopard-furred           5k   misc
Spotted, leopard-skinned          8k   misc

SE Tree:

Large black and white striped    28k   ice blades, loincloth
Large tiger-furred catfolk       
Large tiger-striped catfolk      15k   mail, halberd
Muscular tiger catfolk           24k   msic
Strong tiger catfolk             22k   misc
Tall tigress catfolk             12k   misc
Tiger-striped catfolk, pruning   30k   misc .. tons of herbs
Well-built tigress catfolk 

NE Tree:

Cougar catfolk, rubbing           5k
Crying leopard catfolk            4k
Crying tiger catfolk             24k   
Furry lynx catfolk in armour     11k   armour
Fuzzy lynx catfolk, mace         12k   mace, misc
Lynx-furred catfolk               5k   
Panther catfolk                   8k
Panther catfolk, sits            10k   towel
Sad leopard catfolk               4k   towel
Short, well-dressed catfolk       7k  

SW Tree:

Black-furred panther              9k   long worn wood house key, claws, bracers, vest
Black panther-like catfolk        5k   black iron claws, bracers, vest
Black-pelted catfolk              8k   key, misc
Leopard-spotted catfolk           
Panther catfolk looks around      7k

Black-furred catfolk in prayer    6k   skinny scratched copper house key
Black-furred panther warrior     10k   small old brass house key
Black panther-like catfolk       13k   misc
Broad-shouldered panther catfolk
Catfolk wanders past, writing     8k   misc
Large tiger-furred               15k   misc
Leopard-skinned, laughing         1k   misc
Plump, middle-aged (Danetta)     30k   misc 
Powerful tiger catfolk           14k   misc
Shy leopard-furred catfolk        3k   misc
White spotted catfolk            12k   misc
Yelling catfolk                  10k   misc

Area Map:

                       CATFOLK TREE 

                       O---O-O-O---O CHECK ALL MAP
                       |   |   |   |
                       O-O O   O O-O
                       |           |
                       O-O       O-O
                       |           |
                O            O            O
           O   /|\   O  O   /|\   O  O   /|\   O
            \ / O \ /    \ / O \ /    \ / O \ /
             O     O-+    O     O-+    O     O
             |\   /| |    |\   /| |    |\   /|
  NW         | O O | |    | O O | |    | O O |     NE
  Ring       | O O | |    | O O | |    | O O |     Ring
             |/   \| |    |/   \| |    |/   \|
             O     O +-O--O     O +----O     O
            / \ O / \    / \ O / \    / \ O / \
           O   \|/   O  O   \|/   O  O   \|/   O 
                O            O            O
                |            |            |
                O            O            O
                |                         |
                O            O            O
           O   /|\   O  O   /|\   O  O   /|\   O
            \ / O \ /    \ / O \ /    \ / O \ /
             O     O-+    O     O-+    O     O
             |\   /| |    |\   /| |    |\   /|
  SW         | O O | |    | O O | |    | O O |      SE 
  Ring       | O O | |    | O O | |    | O O |      Ring
             |/   \| |    |/   \| |    |/   \|
             O     O +----O     O +----O     O
            / \ O / \    / \ O / \    / \ O / \
           O   \|/   O  O   \|/   O  O   \|/   O
                O            O            O
                |            :            |
                O         entrance        O

                       Map by Rekaep

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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