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Caverns of Chaos

Area Info

Dirs: A short distance north of Dark Forest and just across the mountains from Dark Tunnel.


General Descrip:


Area Size: 4+ rooms

Last Update: March 19, 2006

Monsie Info:

Lear Rotth               ?k
Sister Alysia            ?k   Dreamlike ring with an inscription 'only one, lonely one' 

Area Map:

              O  (move rock somehow to continue into the area)

In the room marked *, the following message is engraved on a boulder:

  We failed. Years he had swept across the lands with his undead  
  hordes without mercy. Once he tried himself on Shadowkeep we knew  
  that we had him in our clutches, at least we thought so. We crushed 
  most of his chaotic army, but Rotth slipped away. He sealed
  himself inside the caverns in the north and put some strong
  enchantment on it making it unpenetrateable. We called upon Faerwon
  with all chants we knew to break the enchantment, to no avail.
  We can not claim victory as long as Lear Rotth lives. Our only
  hope is that once the enchantment has weakened someone will pick up
  where we left, and claim victory for the paladins and Faerwon.

                       SLO ECOS PIX 

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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