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The Church (BatCity)

Area Info

Dirs: From CS, go 2w, 5s, w

Coder: Firefox

General Descrip:

Difficulty: Newbie, newbie parties

Area Size: ~70 rooms

Last Update: April 24, 2005

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive


Ghast guarding the tomb  *   500     sharp iron short sword
Ghoul                    *    50     nothing
Maniac                   *   125     random
Grounds keeper                       grave digging shovel
Skinny Skeletons         *   100     nothing
Spirit                   *    50     nothing
Zombie's                 *   125     random

Church tower:

Acolyte                      200     
Cook                         700     cleaving knife
Drunken monk                  50     wineskin
Monk                     *           whip
Monk of the 1st order         50     iron knife
Monk of the 2nd order        100     iron knife
Monk of the 3rd order        250     iron knife
Monk torturer               1500     whip
Priest of the 1st order      100
Priest of the 2nd order      250
Priest of the 3rd order      400     knife

Church basement:

Bandit                   *   200     misc
Giant rats                    80     none
Goblins                       80     clubs
Ogre                         900     club
Orcs                          80     knives
Panthers                 *   600     none

Area Map:

The Church (BatCity)
Map by Balin

                   graveyard --|
                         o     |                                             
                         |     |                                              
                   altar o--fountain                                        
                         |                 level 0                          
                 down    |                                                  
                      |  |  |                                               
                      o  o  o                                               
                  bakery | lounge                                           

Map by Readex

  Mordain --o--o--o--o--o--hut-grounds keeper
               |  |  |  |  |
            Tomb--o--o--o--o  Mortis  Damogran
               |  |  |  |  |     |     |
                    cryogenic freeze

Church Tower
Map by Balin

                   o--o--o--o              o  o--o                          
                   |     |  |              |  |up                           
    level -1       o--o  o--o              o--o--o     level -2             
                      |     |                 |  |                          
                      o--o--o              o--o  o                          
                    down    |                                               
                      o  o  o              o  o  o                          
    level 1/2         |  |  |              |  |  |     level 3              
                      o--o--o              o--o--o                          
                      |  |  |              |  |  |                          
                      o  o  o              o  o  o                          
                         |                    |                             
                         o                    o                             
                          up/down               down                        

Church Basement 
Map by Urza

level 1         e= entrance from up
                d= down      
o--o--o--e      p= push button, opens trapdoor, down
|     |  |
o--o  o--o          
   |     |          

       o   ooo o o
        \ / | \|/       m=minotaur, get corpse for sacrifice.
      o--o-moo-o        d= down to altar of sacrifice
     o+  |  |  |        += north, but not to same north.
         |  |  |
        \ / |
         o  u 

At altar of sacrifice, there are 3 archways each leading to a 
maze with a lever that needs pulling. One lever is in each of 
the directions from the altar.

The maze from the alter of sacrifice changes every few minutes.  
You must go through all mazes and "pull lever" when you reach the
archway... then go "archway" and continue to the next maze.

N,E,W,E,N is first
W,N,N,W,E,S,S is second
E,W,N,S,E,W,S,N,W is third.

When navigating the maze 3 exits will go back one position and one 
will go forward, drop coins so you can tell if you have gone 
forward or backwards.

You will return to the altar after completing each maze, it
will have revealed an exit down if you pull all three levers.
down is Captain Annihilation, aprox. 3.5k monsie and two

If you kill the minotaur in the cell room, get the corpse and
take it to the altar. "sacrifice corpse" and you (and party)
will be transported to the Captain's ship.  There you will
find Roscoe, the captain's 1st mate (bone longsword and bone
breastplate, also carries hand rolled joints) and the Bride
of annihilation (carries crystal daggers) both are aprox. 
3.5-4k monsies.  to get out of the area go south of Roscoe 
and "walk plank" then "jump"  There is also a 10k seamonster
in the first room you arrive in.  It may aggro, but doesn't
always right at first.

level 1.
            s= Seamonster, go up from here.

level 2 
            b= Bride of Annihilation
b--r            r= Roscoe
   |            w= walk plank, jump to exit
   w            d= down to Seamonster

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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