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Area Info

Dirs: Laenor, just south from the ferry.


General Descrip: Newbie circus area.

Difficulty: Easy

Area Size:

Last Update: July, 2010

Monsie Info:

Adorable sheep           4k    none
Aged peddler            22k   
Akeem			 7k    steel dagger
Announcer 	        11k    jade trident worth 2k
Beady-eyed hamster       1k
Boy, enjoying		 2k
Bullfinch                1k    none
Bunny                    1k    none
Crow                     1k    none
Cuddly panda             8k
Cute crow               600
Cute peacock            400    none
Dirty Frank             10k    iron cleavers
Dirty mouse              1k   
Dirty rabbit             1k
Drooling zombie         14k    none
Elderly woman           18k    none    
Ernesto              Q  300    (quest NPC, don't kill) 
Fat thrush              350
Fluffy sheep             1k    none
Girl, chewing 		 2k
Girl, laughing           1k    none
Girl, looking           800
Girl, pensive            1k    none
Girl, searching          1k    misc clothing
Gleeful boy              1k
Gleeful girl             1k
Hairy boy 		600
Hairy girl              600
Happy boy               700
Hyperactive boy          1k
Juggler                  9k
Little sheep             2k    none
Man, humming             2k    none
Man, yawning             2k    none
Mariah               Q   65    (quest NPC, don't kill)
Miserable beggar         5k    grimy hat
Monica			30k    no skills/spells in room 
Nea, overseer           24k    highsteel staff.  Nea banishes.
Rutger, strongman    Q  300    (quest NPC, don't kill)
Saucy man		 2k
Skinny man	         4k    
Sleepy gorilla           6k
Tired woman              3k
Woman, looking           4k
Young boy                5k

Area Map:


Maps by Yasha.

                               O   O   O   O
                               |   |   |   |
                           |     |     |   |
                           O     O     O   O
                           |    /|\    |
                       O-O-O-O-O-O-O   O
                           |    \|/    |
                           O     O     O-O-O
                           |           |
                           O           O


  *  Ask Ernesto about task.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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