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Corn Field

Area Info

Dirs: from S-Cross, go 20s, 7e, 25s, 6w, 9sw, 11S, 2se, 2S, 26s, 20w, 2SW, 3S, 3se, 5s, w


General Descrip:

Difficulty: 20-40 level parties

Area Size: 43

Last Update: December 3, 2001

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive

Barbarian                     300       barbarian long sword
Barbarian Chief        *     1.5k       barbarian long sword, great sword
Big rat                *      200 
Boy                            50       pumpkin helmet
Cook                         2.5k       knife
Crazy druid            *     3.7k       Druid staff
Fishman                       900       Trident
Gardener                      140       random weapon
Giant mantis           *
Giant rat                     100
Giant Slime Spider            500
Guard                          5k       helmet, longsword, shield
Holy Man                       4k       robe / white cloak   
Mantis                 *     1.2k       short sword, carrot
Monk                          400       robe
Orcs                          <1k       1 weapon or armour usually
Orc Chief                               orcish leather jacket, iron ring, weapon
Orc Shaman             *
Scribe                         1k       robe
Servant                       800       leather belt
Skeleton                                rusty sword
Slaves                         50
Troll                  *       8k       huge club    
Troll Shaman                   2k       bone amulet
Ugly Barbarian         *       3k       Barbarian long sword
War Troll                   +1.5k       Greatsword

Area Map:

			The Corn Field (66-304)
                           -- map by Balin --
                                   scenic location                          
                   corn fields    |                                         
                         o--o--o--o     o   o  o                            
                         |  |  |  |     |   |  |                            
                         o--o--o  o--o--o---o--o-o     monastery                     
                         |  |  |  cave  |   |  |                            
                         o--o--o        o-o o  o                            
                         |  |           |                                   
                      o  o--o     o     o                        
                      |  |  |     |                                         
                      o--o  o--o--o--o                                      
                  \   |           | barbarian village                       
                   o--o--o hut    o                                         
                   |  |                                                     
              lake o--o                                                     
                   |  | beach                                               
                  /   |                                                     
                      |  |\   troll's cave                                  
                      o  o o                                                
                      o     o                                               
                      |     |                                               
                           orc's cave                                       

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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