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Area Info

Dirs: On Lucentium, north from Lorenchia.


General Descrip:


Area Size:

Last Update: June, 2010

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive
b = blocking,  h = heals

Albert the shy guard          b    8k   steel short sword, iron breastplate
Alucard the vampire           *   14k   cup   
Andreas the stablekeeper          10k   none
Beautiful lynx                     5k   none
Carl the bullying guard       b   19k   steel short sword
Castle jailer                      7k   small silver key
Dancing villager                   6k   none
Dead prisoner                      3k   none
Dog                                1k   none
Guard                         bh  14k   steel short sword, i
ron breastplate
Hans the tutor                     2k   none
Hunting tiger                 *    7k   none
Jimi, king of Dah'bec                   Dah'bec crown, steel bastard sword
Major Joachim                           steel battleaxe
Man trying to meditate             5k   none
Marie the lustful maid             2k   none
Mourning villager                  7k   none
Muscular lion                 *    9k   none
Nervous boy, peter                 2k   none
Powerful lion                 *    8k   none
Relaxing young man                 3k   none
Relaxing villager                  3k   none
Singing man                        3k   none
Stressed villager                  5k   none
Tanja the princess                600   none
Tony the retard                   600   The dogboy's axe
Village elder                      4k   none
Wandering troll               *    
White deer                         7k   none   
White deer with stripe             4k   none
Wild boar                          3k   none

Gnome area:

Gnome boy                          1k
Gnome girl                         1k
Gnome inventor                     7k   pair of wings
Gnome woman                       400   none
Old gnome                          2k   none

Area Map:

    O   O
    |  /
   =O-O-d (to prison cells)
    U : U   O
      :    / \
      :   O   O       
      :  /     \
      : O       O
      :  \     /
      :   O   O
      :    \ /
      :     O
      :     |
      O     O     O-O-O-O   O O
       \    |    / \|   |   | |
        O   O   O   O   O-O-O-O-O
         \ /|\ /     \  |   | |
          O-U-O       O-O   O O

In the treehouse:

            d (strike bell)


                  O O
                  : :
               *O=O-O-U (to prison entryway)


  In the stable with Andreas, 'search hay' to reveal the ladder for the loft.
  In the western-most prison cell, "pull lever" to open passageway.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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