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Dark Castle

Area Info

Dirs:From S-Cross, go 4 s, 7 se, 34 s, 6 w, 9 sw, 114 s, 2 se, 10 s, 5 sw, 4 se, 12 sw, 3 s, 13 e, 5 se, 12 e

Coder: Nalle

General Descrip: A sprawling castle with its back to the mountains and large defenses.

Difficulty: partied lowbie to midbie

Area Size: ~77 rooms

Last Update: November 3, 2009

Monsie Info:

* = agressive   b = blocking

h = cast hallucination      l = lava blast          v = venom strike
s = scars                   g = shocking grasp

Adriana, cook's apprentice       2.3k   adorable red blouse
Aria, laundry room overseer      2.8k   revealing beige blouse, wood staff
Bat, hanging from roof            450   none
Black raven                        1k   none
Chiark, castle magician      shl  10k   vial of poison
Commander Maximillian             30k   nullium breastplate, 2x molybdenum broadsword
Cute girl                        1.6k   none
Father Salvatore              v   10k   silver staff, worn white robe
Filthy rat                    *   500   none
Girl arranging shelves             2k   none
Girl hanging clothes             1.6k   none
Girl mopping the floor           1.8k   none
Girl scrubbing clothes           3.3k   none
Girl wiping some dust             800   none
Gnomish engineer                 2.2k   interesting colourful cap
Grim henchman                     13k   leather whip
Henchman                           ?k   leather whip
Kaiba, sticks-player              10k   none
Knight dozing                 g   10k   cudgel or dagger
Knight guarding               b    6k   copper club
Knight outlook                     5k   random weapon
Knight patrolling                  7k   random weapon
Knight watching                   10k   random weapon
Kylie the cleaner                 250   misc clothing
Mathias, castle cook              170   striking colourful hat, iron cleaver
Old prisoner                       ?k   none
Siegfried, elder librarian       3.8k   interesting green toga
Uruka                              8k   none
Young boy washing                1.5k   none
Young guide                        17   none
Young scribe                     1.8k   none

Area Map:

Maps by Skaree

First Level:

                      O-O   d       O-U
                      | |   |       | |
                      O-O-O-O   D-O-O-O
                            |   |
                            O   O
                            |   |
                      O-O   O-O-O
                      | |   | | |
                      O-O   O-O-O     O
                      |       |       |
                      O       O       O
                      |       |       |

Second Level:

            |   |
            O   O  (climb vines)
        O   O-O-O
        |   |
        |   |
  d     O   O-O-D



Castle Roof:

              | |


"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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