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Dark Forest

Area Info

Dirs: On Rothikgen
Coder: It

General Descrip:

Difficulty: Partied midbie

Area Size: ~90 rooms

Last Update: August 2010

Monsie Info:

* = aggro, B=blocks parties (pwipe!) 

Creeping zombie (undead)  *     20k  cap, boots
Drunk man                        9k  padded leather jacked, bottle of Jack
Gorgar the hideous demon  *     30k  mithril armour
Huge bee                         1k
Huge spider               *    130k
Little snake                     4k
Little chipmunk                  2k  fistfull of peanuts
Old mummy (undead)        *     32k  
Nightwing                 *     40k
Pat Hockstetter           *     30k
Pennywise the clown      B*    200k  a silver jacket (+avoid, +dex)
Piranha                   *      4k
Small cat                       200

Area Map:

Maps by Foxbat.


              O-cross-O   O-O-O           & climb ladder, climb
              |       |   |   |          
              O       &-O-O   O-d (to Z on sewer map)        
              |           |
 Entrance-O-O-O           O
              |           |
              O           O
                        O-O-O-O-d (to X on sewer map)                             


             u-O-O   O-O-O-O-O-u           O
             |           |     |           |
             O     O     O     O           O-d  (from nw corner up at sewers)
             |     |     |     |
             O     O     O     O
             |     |     |     |   |
             Z-O-O-O-O   O-O   O-O-*=          * Huge spider, aggressive, tough
             |     |     |     |   | spider
             O     O     O     O
                   |     |     |
                   O     O    ***   Pennywise.. but he may wander, not sure.
                   |     |     |


             u       O
             |       |

Note:  Here in the city part, where you go down, there are exits to
       the north, west, and up (back to the city).  Pennywise the
       Clown is 1 north.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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