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Area Info

Dirs: Laenor

Coder: Digga

General Descrip: Several newbie areas. City of Raven. Mountain area.

Difficulty: Newbie to high

Area Size:

Last Update: July, 2010

Monsie Info:

Raven:        * = aggressive

Adventurer              2k   none
Assassin         *     15k
Astral              30-40k   none
Barbarian        *    2-3k   random club, barbarian head
Black robed man  *     30k
Captain                 9k
City Guard            1-4k   random weapons / shields, can aggr
Cleric                 25k
Curley           *     60k
Drunk                   1k 
Jailkeeper             23k   steel key (use to "unlock cell")
Larry            *     37k
Moe              *     32k
Oilman                  7k  
Raktar                 14k 
Slimo            *     23k
Taskmaster             11k
Thief            *     17k
White Knight     *     30k

Raven Crypt:

Skeleton              *     7k   
Wandering ghoul       *     4k

Butterball the Troll       21k        head of a troll
Chubby the Troll           25k        head of a troll
Dogface the Troll          16k        head of a troll
Giant Spider               27k        Horn of Resounding
Slim the Troll             14k        head of a troll
Stinky the Troll           14k        head of a troll
Twohead the Troll          17k        head of a troll

Mountain Trail:
Sage                       400        none
Marmot                     700        none
Majestic ram                3k        none

Digga's Newbie Area: 
Beautiful Deer             200        none
Booboo                    1.5k        none
Bunny Rabbit                20        none
Duck                       100        none
Fish (in pond)             200        meat
Frog                                  none
Ranger                      2k        pair of ranger boots
Smokey                    1.5k        well-worn ranger hat, silver platter
Yogi                      1.5k        head of Yogi the bear, bearskin

Area Maps:

Forest Path
                    City of Raven
       Digga's Newbie Area -o
			    o- Mountain trail

Digga's Newbie Area

	      	| | |
 	      o-o o o-o
	      | |/ \| |\ 
	    o-o-o   o-o-o- Forest Path
	      | |\ /| |/ 
	      o-o o o-o
      	        | | |

Mountain Trail

			     /      \
			    o    o-o o
			   /    /  | |
			  o    o   o o
	                 /      \   /
	   Forest Path -o        o-o



City of Raven

Map by Char.

                 			      Raven's walls

               o woods				 o
               |/			        / 
               o woods			       o       o
               | |			      /         \
             o-o-o			     o           o
             | | |			      \         /
      cleric-o o o-slimos		       o       o
             | | |				\     /
         inn-o-o-o-jail				 d   d
             | | |
  guardhouse-o o o-taskmaster
             | | |


  In Raven jail, kill jailkeeper to get key.  Unlock cell, open cell, enter cell. 
  This frees Groo, the son of the Barbarian Chieftain.  Groo will give you the 
  Barbarian Ring of Friendship in thanks for his freedom.
  At Slimos, after killing everyone in the room, type "enter bar".  
  Go north a few rooms and "break wall" to release several aggressive undeads.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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