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[100 Acre Forest]
[Alch House]
[Ancona Manor]
[Ant Hill]
[Bat City]
[Burning Village]
[Castle Brantis]
[Catfolk Tree]
[Caves of Orac]
[Caverns of Chaos]
[Corn Field]
[Crimson Brigade]
[Dark Castle]
[Dark Forest]
[D'hregal Mines]
[Door to the Past]
[Elf Village]
[Enchanted Forest]
[Frozen Valley]
[Goblin Caves]
[Goblin Farm]
[Goddess Garden]
[Halls of Dead]
[Hell's Dojo]
[Hill Giants]
[Horsehead Mtn]
[Horn Durath]
[Inn o/t 4 Winds]
[Ivory Tower]
[Katvil Forest]
[King Eowyns]
[Lands of Lor]
[Lonely Mountain]
[Midnight Carnival]
[Mountain Dwarf]
[Mushroom Hill]
[Newbie Forest]
[Newbie Mines]
[Newbry Park]
[Newbie Mtn]
[Newbie Zoo]
[Norse Village]
[Old Forest]
[Orc Scouts]
[Perilous Forest]
[Pig Farm]
[Public Garden]
[Rainbow Cloak]
[Rain Forest]
[Red Tides]
[Secret Jungle]
[Skeep Prison]
[Snow Mtn]
[Temple o/Winds]
[Tiburcio's Tower]
[Trog Village]
[Urvile Tree]
[Valley of Silence]
[Wizard of Oz]
[Zoy's Inn]
[Zonni Swamps]

[Site History]
[Other Bat Sites]

NOTE: Most of the directions below take you across water. Use sense in following them. If it says "27 sw", you can't type in "27 sw" and have it work. You would have to type in "20 sw" followed by "7 sw" in order to get to your destination. (Since commands repeat a max of 20 times).

Area Dirs:

Akira - From W-Cross, 69 sw, 23 s, w.  

Bob's Apple Orchard - from S-Cross, 21se, 2s

Castle Brantis - from S-Cross, 27sw, 41s, 4w

Chessboard - tree at W-Cross

Corn Fields - from S-Cross, go 20s, 7e, 25s, 6w, 9sw, 114s, 2se, 36s, 
              20w, 11sw, 22s, 3se, 5s, w

Digga's Area (newbie area & Raven) - from S-Cross, go 16sw, 20s

Dungeons - 5 sw, s from S-Cross

Firefox Castle - 750 gp at N-Cross tree

Frostgiants - 1000 gp at N-Cross tree

Giantkillers - from Skeep bridge, go ~5s, 11e, 11se, 20s 
   --OR-- 750 gp at the tree nw from S-Cross

Great Northern Crags - from N-Cross, 20n, 9w

Halls of the Dead - from S-Cross, go 20s, 7e, 25s, 6w, 9sw, 114s, 2se,
                    10s, 6sw, 13w

Hell - from S-Cross, 50se, 9s, 6w

Hell's Dojo - from N-Cross, 20n, 9w

Ivory Tower - 8w, 2s from S-Cross

Joseph - from S-Cross, 50se, 15s, 8w

Kobold Mines - from S-Cross, 30sw, 33s, 2sw, w

Land of Anarchy - from S-Cross, 68se, 25s, 3w, 4s

Legions - from N-Cross, 17n, 26e

Misty Forest - from S-Cross, 23se

Mithil Stonedown - from S-Cross, 41 sw, 3 s

Newberry Park - from E-Cross, 4 w, 2 s

Newbie Mines - 56w, 7n from S-Cross.  Or 2n, 46 w, sw, w from W-Cross.

Newbie Mountain - from S-Cross, go 18 sw, 21 s

Newbie Tree - from S-Cross, 10 e, 11 se, 2 s

Nifty's Area - send me dirs

OCP - from S-Cross, 20 s, 7 e, 20 s

Perin's - from S-Cross, 75 se, 10 s, 15 se

Realm of Akira - from W-Cross, 69 w, 92 s, w

Rounce - from W-Cross, 69 w

Shadowkeep - tree at W-Cross

Snow Devils - from S-Cross, 20 s, 3 e, 20 s

Soy - need walking dirs

Urvile Tree - from S-Cross, 20 sw, 2 s  

Wibbles - from S-Cross, 5se, 2e

Guild Dirs:

Barbarians -

   From Digga's entrance go n, n, and ne, then enter bushes.
   You must show the barbarian ring of friendship to the barbarian there.

Crimson - 
   Go to OCP.  Head east along the road out of OCP until you
   cross the bridge.  From the crossing east of the bridge, go:
   2 NE, NW, 2w, 4n, 2w, n, w

Druid - 

   From S-Cross, 68 se, 14 s.
   Non-water route:  w s 2 e 2 s S s S s SE se S s 2 se SW sw S s S E SE se
   2 E se 2 S s E e SE se E S ne enter

Lords of Chaos -
   From CS, 20w, 10sw, 60s, 11sw, 20s, 11s

Mage -
   Electric - From W-Cross, 69 w, 84 s, 13 e

Nun - 16w, 1s, 2w from W-Cross

Psi - 10e, 5n from OCP

Tarmalen - 
   Spring - From city's east gate, go 1s, 95 e
   Summer - From the crossing west of OCP, go:
            9 sw, 114 s, 2 e, 10 s, 2 w, 40 s
   Autumn - From the crossing west of OCP, go 9 sw, 5 w 
   Winter - From N-Cross, go 19 n, 23e, n  (Wailing Mountains)

Shrine Dirs:

Catfolk - from W-Cross, 7w

Cyclops - from N-Cross, 7e

Dwarf - from S-Cross, 21sw, 7s

Elf - from W-Gate, 2w, n

Ent - 5 s, E from Sarkus Temple

Fraggle - from N-Cross, 20n, 3e, 2n

Giant - from S-Cross, 20s, 5e, 19s

Penguin - 2n from frost giant's area

Tinmen - around 50w from skeep, a few north of the road

Valar - 13n, 1w from the N-gates of Shadowkeep

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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