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Area Info

Dirs: Central Laenor, east of Arelium.


General Descrip: Castle with a drawbridge. Good lowbie solo cash area.


Area Size: 65+

Last Update: July 31, 2010

Monsie Info:

Castle proper:

Artillery master       20k
Big red demon       10-25k
Castle cook             8k   long black cloak
Castle guard          4-6k   copper breastplate (worth 2.5k)
Cavalier                 k
Cute little frog       600
Demon                  10k
Hulking golem        6-12k
Manannan, evil mage    70k 
Mischevious imp         5k   Delicate key
Mounted cavalier        8k   cavalier's helmet, cavalier's breastplate, 
                             deadly looking lance, cavalier's leggings
Prison keeper          24k
Senile lord            10k   Crown of Faux Couer, fuzzy slippers
Sentry                  3k
Water elemental         ?k   

Below the castle:

Bats                   100
Cave monster           10k   none
Evil priestess      *   2k
Hunting dog         *   3k   
Jailer                 11k   large iron key
Large crab             10k   none
Large hunting dog   *   8k
Large slimy eel         7k   none
Lick rotting           32k   tattered rag
Rats                   100   none
Skeleton in closet      3k   none
Skeleton warrior    *   7k to 23k
Tragic ghost           10k
Wandering zombie       300   

Area Map:

Originally mapped by Robinhood.  Expanded by Moonlord, Dryad, Shazam.

First floor

  u      / \     u (golem)
    O   /   \   O
     \ /     \ /
      O       O
      |\      |
      | O O u |
      |  \|   |
     /    |    \
  u O     O     O u
          O cute frog

Second floor

   d/u         d/u (wooden door)
    O-----O     O demon
    |      \
    |       \
    |    d/u O
    |     O   \
    O          \
    |   O O-O   O
    | d/u   d/u |
    |           |
   d/u         d/u

Third floor

    O d         O d/u
         d/u (iron door)
    d/u O O O castle cook
          u d/u 
  d O           O d

Fourth floor

                O d


         O O O
       d/u d  d
         artillery master
         prison keeper

Fifth floor

          / \
         O   O
        /     \
      d  senile lord

Fireplace passageway

    O-O-O-O-O-O                              ? ?
    |       | |                              :  \
    |       O O  (push rocks)                O   rocks
    |        \                                \ /
    |         O                                O
    O   fireplace
    |       |
    O O O   d
    | | |   |
      *-O            * = enter rathole         rathole
      |                                           \
      O-O                                          O=O


* In the room 2 se of cavalier, there is a fireplace.  'Push brick' to reveal a secret 
  passageway beneath the fireplace.  'Pull lever' to return to the room with the fireplace.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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