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Area Info

Dirs: Northern Desolathya, along coast..

Coder: Gront

General Descrip: Monsters in this area are more random than in most.


Area Size:

Last Update: June, 2010

Monsie Info:

Dunamor uplands:

Brown hare                800   none
Curved-horned goat         2k   none
Furry sheep                1k   none
Furry wolf                 4k   none
Horrible vampire           8k   none
Small fox                  3k   none
Tiny lamb                 200   none


Avenothos                  ?k   flask containing holy water, misc weapon
Bored tavernkeeper        12k   random
Deverah                   27k   none
Elder Davelok             45k   kaveril Elder's ring (tiny +pr)               
Fat and sad baker          5k   random
Gateguard of Kaveril       3k   random
Husen, smith's son         2k   none
Kaveril man              3-5k   random
Kaveril woman              1k   none
Kelia, smith's daughter   13k   none
Kevek, son of Develok     22k   none                    
Muscular smith            12k   hammer
Smith's wife              13k   silver necklace
Suspicious scrounger       6k   random


Berul Guard               25k   misc
Berul man                  8k
Emaciated horse            6k   none
Huge dog                   5k   none
Innkeeper of Fried Pig     ?k   misc
Jacobi                   170k   Blood Red Vest, Faded Nickel Boots
Priest                    20k  

Guardian                 >20k  
Senior gateguard           5k   random 
Shopkeeper                29k   random 

Area Map:

Land of Dunamor

           |  O-O     |
           |  |       |
           |O-O       |           
           |  |       |
       O-O-O--O-O-O   O-O   O   Berul
           |  | |     |     |\
           O--O-O-O-O O     O-O
           |  | |     |     |X|\
           O--O-O-O---O     O-O-O-O
              |            /| | |/|
              O-O         O-O-O-O |
                 \_   ___/       \|  
                   \ /            O-O= 
                    O-O O    Dunamor Uplands
                    |/ \|
                    O   O
		        path (entrance)

In Davelok's room, read letter.
In Deverah's room, search cabinet, get garlic.


A VERY good party area. You need a "key to Berul" to enter, which can be
found by killing and searching Kaveril Menīs coats.

Some huts of the Berul Men can only be entered from a certain direction,
coming from the opposite direction gets you past the hut without seeing it.
Jacobi awakens and aggros as soon as the lid of his coffin is moved. Kill
all Berul dogs before attacking Jacobi, he calls them to help him in battle.

Map signs:

O       Room
I\/X-   Passage between two rooms
><      Blocked passage
d,u     down, up (always connects to closest corresponding sign)
O - O   Use "enter" between these 2 rooms

            pri    guar-
	    est G  dian
	      O-O>O-O-O   O jacobi
	 shop   I >    d u  (prisoner, kaveril Bakerīs daughter)
        keeperO I >
	      I I >G
	  O-O-O-O-O             G=Guard
      2G  I I   I I             m=Berul Man
	  ImI I I/
     (out)I I I I
     horses   I    m

Elder Davelok:

You ask Davelok about Berul.
Davelok says 'Berul is a village in some distance eastwards from here. We have
never been friends with each others. Sometimes we have mutually ignored each
other, and other times we have fought. But some years ago Berulian people
started -or were forced, I don't know- serving those evil creatures. They hunt
virgins and other people for vampires, and vampires let them live. Berulians
probably thought that they can defeat our village with vampires and therefore
sought an alliance with them. I'm not sure but I think that they have a spy in
this village, because all those attacks are well timed.'

You ask Davelok about vampires.
Davelok says 'Ah, those creatures, along with the evil men of Berul, are the
main reason for the sorrow that this village has met.'

Letter on Davelok's desk:

It says: I have received your request to loan some of my men to protect your
village. Unfortunately I can't send anyone to help you, at the moment all our
available soldiers are on a mission.
 Yours sincerely, captain Knott

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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