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Area Info

Dirs from CS:


General Descrip:


Area Size:

Last Update: January 27, 2005

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive

Alphabet Maze:

Dreadful Minotaur       *  200k  breastplate, steel battleaxe
Giant scorpion          *    ?k
Giant rat               *    ?k  flicka, iron medium shield
Kobold shaman           *   90k  blue cloak
Skeleton lord (undead)  *    ?k  steel mace
Skeleton lurking        *    ?k
Kobold                  *    ?k 

Dream World:  

Boa constrictor              29k 
Mutant killer tomato         97k

Other Monsies:

Survival game player      30-45k   camo gloves
Beholder                *   124k   eye of beholder, a diamond 

Area Map:

Alphabet Maze:

     Z>T1-X X---I
     |\v \ \|   |
     E G  H K < U
     v |  |
     X K  I-S-W
     v ^     /
     J>V  Y-A  P
          |    |

* Every room in the alphabet maze has a capital letter in the description.
* There are more than one room with the same letter (3 Ts, for example).
* I have added numbers beside some of the duplicate letters in order
to refer to them in the notes.
* I am using ^,v,> and < to indicate one-way exits north, south, east, and west.
* You start at T1, and there is no exit back up from T1.
* From T3 'up' takes you into the kobold maze, and 'down' takes you to
'the dreadful Minotaur'.
* As you can see from the map, if you use peer, and follow the words
'THISWAYOUT', you can navigate the maze without a map (though you may
have to backtrack at U).
* There are 4 'a giant scorpion' at T2.
* There are 6 'a giant rat' at P.
* The exits marked on this map are sufficient to navigate around the
maze, but there are additional exits, as well. The only one people
might need to use is from P to U2.

1. P goes sw to U2.
2. V goes w to the westernmost X.
3. K1 goes ne to E.
4. G goes ne to T1.
5. T1 goes w to E.
6. X goes s to K, e to I.
7. T2 goes w to T1, se to K.
8. K goes w to U.

Kobold Maze:

            -2::O   kobolds
             |  | | |

* I am using :: to mean a pair of rooms connected up and down.
* When you come out of the alphabet maze, you arrive at 1. There is no
way from the kobold maze down into the alphabet maze.
* If you go n from 1 or w from 2, you arrive at 3.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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