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Area Info

Dirs: Lucentium

Coder: Madrid, opened in November, 2000.

General Descrip:

The city of Duzelton is being flooded by an evil monster. Help the Duzes fight against this tyrant. Level quest 41 too.

Difficulty: Lowbie to midbie parties

Area Size: 62+ rooms

Last Update: January, 2010

Monsie Info:

v = vacuumbolt   s = suffocation

Road outside city:
Duzelton gate guard          ?k   highsteel full shield, bearing the Duzelton Coat 
                                  of Arms , iron maul, iron full plate
Infant duz                   3k   none
Very attractive teen duz     5k   none
Young, smart-mouthed duz     4k   none


Aaron Sepanski, brewer        79k
Aged man (ticketman)          73k
Angelic duz               s   84k   none
Duzelton guard, sewer         92k
Duzelton mayor               145k
Fat priest                     3k   none
Half-naked priest             22k   none
Middle-aged female duz         4k   misc
Middle-aged male duz           5k   misc
Small female duz               3k   misc
Small male duz                 4k   misc
Small dirty man               84k
Theater ticketman              ?k
Young acting student           ?k
Young librarian           v   38k     

Area Map:

Road outside city:

                 O--- entrance
               O | O
              /  |  \
             O   |   O                               
            /    |    \                              
           O   city    O                             
          /             \                                   
         D               D                           


           | | |         |
           O O-O       ?-O
           |             |
           O     ?       O
           |     |       |
           O   O O-O-O-O-O
           |   | |       |
           O-O-O-O O     O
           |     | |     |
           O     O O     O
           |     | |     |
           O     O-U     O
           |     |       |
           O-O   O     O-O
           |     |       |
           |       |   |
           O       O   O

Duzelton:   (in-game map)

    1      2     3     4     5     6     7     8   
  +-----+-----+-----+     +-----+-----+-----+-----+
A |               Avenida de Madrid               |
  +     +-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+     +
B |     |  L  |  U  |                 |  T  |  R  |
  +     +-----+-----+                 +-----+  e  +
C |  C  |                                   |  a  |
  +  a  +     +-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+  l  +
D |  l  |     |  R  |  T      Blvd.               |
  +  l  +-----+-----+  o  +-----+-----+-----+     +
E |  e     Duzelton    r  |                 |  C  |
  +     +-----+-----+  r  +                 +  a  +
F |  C  |           |  o  |                 |  m  |
  +  u  +           +     +-----+           +  i  +
G |  n  |           |  A  | C   |           |  n  |
  +  a  +-----+     +  v  +-----+     +-----+  o  +
H |     |  B  |     |  e  |           |  G  |     |
  +     +-----+-----+     +-----+-----+-----+     +
I |             Avenida de Don Juan               |
        |  H  |                 |  S  |     |  W  |

L - Library     U - University
T - Theater     B - Bar
C - Cathedral   H - Town Hall
S - Stables     G - General Store
W - Tower       R - Bullring



        Librarian says 'Ask me about the books if you would like. ' 
        You ask Librarian about books.

        Librarian says 'If you would like a book just 'checkout book.' '  
        checkout book

        The librarian says, 'I see you would like a book on acting Dryad.  Here you go.'
        The librarian shuffles through her desk and hands you the only book this
        library seems to have.
        She says, 'There you go, please don't destroy it.

        This is a small hard cover book labeled 'The Book of Acting'.  It is bound in
        beautiful leather and seems a bit worn.  There is much information in this
        book that would be useful to any aspiring actor.
        This item is in excellent condition.
        It looks very light weight.

        You try to read the book but due to your lack of acting background cannot make
        any sense out of it.  Perhaps it will be more valuable to an aspiring actor.

        Librarian says 'A large electrical disruption was rumored in the mage tower.'

Young acting student:

        You ask Student about acting.
        Student asks 'I love acting! Can you help me?' 
        You give The book of acting to Student.
        Student says, 'Thanks for the acting book, Dryad.'
        Student begins to read book.
        Student says, 'Here are some theater tickets Dryad, I hope you enjoy it.'
        This is your basic paper ticket.  It says Duzelton Theater on it.
        This item is in good condition.
        It looks very light weight.


        You give A ticket to the theater to Ticketman.
        Ticketman says, 'Thanks for the ticket, Dryad.'
        Ticketman says, 'Dryad, you may enter the theater.'
        The ticketman says, 'Enjoy the show, Dryad.'


        Matador says 'I know alot about bullfighting, just ask me. '
        Matador says 'If you would like to fight the bull you need to get a contract.  
        They can be purchased from the city hall. However, they don't let just anyone 
        buy a contract. I will inform the hall that you will be coming so they won't 
        give you any problems.  Now I must watch the show. 

Duzleton mayor:

        Mayor says 'Stay away from the mage tower, odd things are there.'   
        Mayor asks 'Bullfights sure are wonderful aren't they?'  

        A small sign sits next to the bell and it reads:
        Ring for Service.

        ring bell
        A tall beautiful brown haired secretary stands up and comes to the counter.
        The lady comes to you and says 'Buenas Dias.'
        She then says, 'To get a list of commands type list.'
        The lady dissapears again behind the counter.

        The lady says, 'Ah its a list you are after, here it is, read it over and if
        you need further help just ring the bell again.'  The lady pushes a button on
        the counter that envokes an illusion of a small piece of paper with directions
        on it.
        It reads:
        To file a complaint type: report  
        To see a list of wanted criminals type: criminals
        To see a list of crimes type: crimes
        To buy a contract type: buy contract
        NOTE: crimes have no purpose as of yet.
        The illusion disapears and the lady say if you need me again just ring the
        bell, and sits back down at her desk.

        buy contract 
        Mayor says, 'I see you have seen Matteo our matador, Dryad. I can give you
        this parchment which needs to be signed by yourself and taken to someone in
        town who has the tickets.  He will give you and your party what you need to
        enter the bullring. Good luck if you are going to be fighting the bull. 
        The mayor takes his fee of 5000gp to you and hands you the contract.

Duzelton gate guard:  (at entrance to area)

        Guard says 'If you would like tickets, I need a signed contract.'  


        An aged man stands here, collecting tickets to the fight
        Ticketman says 'A large electrical disruption was rumored in the mage tower.' 

        Half-naked priest says 'I really need to finish getting dressed' 
        Fat priest says 'I want the right side tonight'
        Half-naked priest asks 'Have you read the book on the altar?'  
        The altar is made completely of carved gold.  Upon it sits a single golden
        book, you can't make out what is inscribed on it from here.  Above the altar
        are various carvings of what seem to be angels of days past, and paintings of
        heavenly beings.

        You turn the pages and stop at an ornate picture of a Large giant, wielding a
        large maul, with crackling bolts of lightning above his head. You begin

        Long back in the days of old, the town of Duzelton was peaceful.  There were
        no floods there was no fighting, things were at peace with themselves.  One
        day, in the year of the Goat a terrible monster came down upon our city.  With
        it came floods and pestilence.  This monster is believed to live beneath the
        city in some sort of sewer system.  It is this very system which he uses to
        flood the city. We believe there is a large locket in the bottom of a well in
        town.  If the correct key could be put in the locket it would stop flow of
        water in the sewers and we believe it would stop the flooding.  The evil Duzel
        is believed to posses the only key to unlock the locket.  Unfortunately he
        guards it with his life.  We have blocked off most civilian access to the
        sewers in order to protect the lives of our people.  There is one room in the
        sewers where there is rumored to be a portal to the Den of the Duzel.  In
        order to make it to his den you must obtain a Broach of The Bull from our
        priests and solve The puzzle of Wits.  However, if you wish to protect our
        city you must first prove yourself to our priests by killing a bull in our
        bullfights.  Do this and perhaps you could help end tyranny in our great city.
        Please help us.  Good luck, and God speed.

After killing giant:

This is nothing more than a pile of marble rocks.  It looks to have perhaps
once been a statue of some sort but now is only a pile or rubble.  Underneath
you can see a small note stuck to it.
This item is in good condition.
It looks EXTREMELY heavy.

I have not forgotten our last encounter you puny mortals!  This time I swear
to exact my revenge on any and all who challenge me.  I will give you 10 days
to prepare for my invasion,  after that I urge you to BRING IT ON! 

Group: general (#2846/2959)
From: Jacen (Lvl: 74 Age: 1y, 305d, 19h, 35min and 24s)
Subject: LQ 76 / Save Duzelton
Date: Tue Aug 11 03:21:18 2009
Rating: 19 Votes: 21

This area was moved to the new world but the Duzel and associated level quest
have been undoable for some time.  The monster and its eq should be
upgraded/tuned as necessary such that it is doable and re-added to the game. 
Alternatively, the quest should be removed from the list and the area removed
entirely, or the area modified to eliminate undoable quest-related parts,
leaving only what is currently in game as the completed area.


"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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