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Elf Village

Area Info

Location: Elf village is in the southwest quadrant of the world, just east of troll forest, rudraprayag, and the summer tarm guild hall. It is north of the rain forest and northwest of dunedain.


General Descrip: Fun little elven village. Lots of variety here, mostly very small monsies. Beware, something in this area is rumored to dest eq. The area has enough small random items to be a potential newbie money-run.

Difficulty: Newbie to midbie

Area Size: 33+ rooms

Last Update: September 13, 2003

Monsie Info:

b = can break weapons magically
p = poisons

Baker                               6k    random
Baker's Wife                        9k    random
Big black rooster                  400   
Big elven guard            block    7k    random
Big rat                            400    none
Cheerful elven girl                200    
Cheerful elven girl                200
Cheery elf female               200-1k    random
Cheery elven girl                  500    random
Delighted elf female               100    random
Delighted elf male                 750    random
Doleful elf male                   275    random
Eldaron, chief of the village       ?k    desting??
Elf captain                         7k    key to enter king's room
Elven chef                          9k    none
Elf guard, blue aura                ?k
Elf guard, green aura               ?k
Elven chef                   b    6-9k    none
Elven guards                      6-8k    random
Elven merchant                      9k    random
Elven messenger                     2k    none   
Joyful elf female                  200
Happy elf female                    1k    random
Happy elven girl                   100    none
Little pig                         200
Mournful elf                       500    random
Pleased elf                         1k    random
Rudolf the Smith             b      8k    random
Sad elf female                     300
Spotted dog                        200
Tall elven guard           block    6k    random
Tiny elven guard           block    6k    random
Tragic elf                         800
White chicken                      200    none
Woeful elven girl                  400

Area Map:

                  o <-- kill guards to get to captain and chief 
                    o   o-Rudolf
                     \ /
                      o          o o
                      |          |/
                   /  |   |       \
                  o   |   o-o-o    o
                 /   /    | | |
       outerworld   /     o-o-o
                    |     | | |
                    o-o-o o-o-o
                     \   /
                      \ /

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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