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Ikar's Enchanted Forest

Area Info


Coder: Ikar

General Descrip: Enchanted forest with small creatures.

Difficulty: newbie to mid

Area Size:

Last Update: March 19, 2006

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive, c = chaos bolt

Ashtorah                     23k   Sceptre of Power (no stats nowadays)
Cleric initiate             1.5k
Dread Lord                   14k
Elf prince                    5k   Elven Cloak
Elven cleric                  4k   none
Elven guards                  1k   random weapons
Elven ranger                  4k   Elven boots 
Faenor, Prince of Elves      10k   
Fargora, the Wicked Witch     1k   none
Garrkuk, Goblin Chief        28k   barbed javelin
Goblins                       1k   random weapons
Goblin scout                  1k
Haggard elf                  500
High Cleric             c    25k   Holy Cross (red glow) for magic tower quest
Initiates                     1k   none
Morgoth                 *   5-7k   Dull black platemail, Black visor helmet
Small frog                   100
Squat goblin scout      *     2k   none
Temple cleric               2.5k   pearl
Tunami                        3k   none
Turan                         4k   Shield of Valor 
Ugly goblins            *    500   scimitars

Area Map:

  Here's a crude ascii map of Ikar's area, contributed by David Gilliam:

Note:  You can 'climb tree' at north, south, east or west of tree
       The forest maze leads to the earth elementals if you follow
       the correct path.

                       -  forest maze  -
             |                |                |
      -  forest maze  -  north of tree  -  forest maze  -
             |             /     \             |
                          /       \
             |           /         \
     - forest maze  -  west       east --- frogs
             |        of tree    of tree     |
                          \       /      agressive witch
                           \     /
  5 aggressive              south     goblin scout
     goblins  -  forest     of tree   (agressive)
                   |          |          |
      elf          |          |          |         elf      part
      cleric     forest  -  forest  -  forest  -  ranger ->  2
        |          |          |          |
        |          |          |          |
      forest  -  forest  -  forest  -  forest

Note: HE is short for 'haggard elf'

          5 agressive
           goblins                                   1 HE 
             |                               _______/ |  \_______
 part        |                             /          |          \ 
  1   <-  forest  -  5 elven  -  3 HE -  2 HE  -  elf prince  -  4 HE
             |       guards                \      and 1 HE       /
             |                              \______   |   ______/
            path                                   \  |  /
               \                                    3 HE
            (push knothole
             for temple)

             temple entrance
      west       |
      wing  -  temple  -  Morgoth  <-- search pile for dread lord
                 |      (agressive)
          3 cleric initiates
          temple cleric and
          2 cleric initiates
           (enter veil for
             high cleric)
             high cleric (has cross from magic tower quest)

Note:  Down from east platform goes to east of tree in part 1.
       Down from north platform goes to north of tree in part 1, etc.

                       and Tunami
                         | (possible fall to north of tree)                        
                         |  ^                       
 5 agressive - elf queen |  |                        
 elven guards           north                         
             \          platform                         
              (up/down)   |                         
                      \   |                          
      west platform  -  center  -  east platform  -  goblin chief
                          |                          and 5 goblins
                          |                          (agressive)


From elven ranger, go e,s,se,s and push knothole. There you can kill
Morgoth, and try to search trash to find Dread Lord. In the south, enter veil
to get to High Cleric( hint : he is a part of the Magic Tower lq).

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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