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King Eowyn's Land

Area Info

Dirs: Rothikgen

Coder: Zin

General Descrip:
            |        Knights & Dragons      |
            |                               |
            |    Animals in the forest are  |
            | enchanted and aren't so easy  |
            | to kill as they would seem.   |
            |                               |
            |                 ++Zin Zilver  |

Difficulty: newbie to mid

Area Size: huge-ish

Last Update: December, 2009

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive


advisor rilor                          20k
apprentice of the knight                4k
busy maid                               3k
castle maid                             2k
crocodile                               4k
huge gateguard                         18k
King Eowyn                             65k
muscular guard                         10k
noble guard                             7k
noble guardsman                         6k
noble knight on white stallion         16k
old golden crocodile                   15k
piranha                                 4k
Ranwind the King's knight              25k
Rhohan the Mighty dragonslayer         50k
royal bodyguard protecting King        20k?
stable boy                              3k
strong guard                            8k
white stallion protected w. armor      15k


agile little spider                *    5k
demonic ghoul                      *    9k
evil spirit                        *   16k
immense bone dragon                *   50k?
rotten guard of cherlindia             30k?


Brown fox                          *    4k
Cherlindia the old Witch               50k?
Huge black ant                     *    6k
Large brown tortoise                    5k
Large fat pigeon                        5k
Large greenish tortoise                 7k
Moose                                   6k
Mole                                    3k
Old grizzly bear                   *   30k
Owl stares                              6k
Pigeon                                  2k
Puffy bunny                             5k
Rabid wild-boar                    *    5k
Red dragon attacking castle        *   10k
Tiny ant                                1k
Woodpecker                              6k


duckling                                1k
goldfish                                2k
swan                                    4k


brown bullfrog                     *p   5k
fearless blue dragon               *   40k
fierce fire dragon        *   20k
green guardian dragon              *   50k
huge black dragon                  *   75k
small blue baby dragon             *    4k
small green baby dragon            *    4k
small red baby dragon                   4k
swamp snake                        *p   4k
tremendous eight headed hydra      *  130k   
winged dragon                          25k

Area Map:

Map and Info by Moonlord.

Also see Yarthetiger's map of Eowyn's.

                       O               O
                        u/d          u/d
             CASTLE      O           O
                          \         /
     stairs  King    stairsO-O-O-O-O
         O   O              \|X|X|/
         |   |             O-O-O-O-O
         O-O-O              /|X|X|\
           |               O-O-O-O-O
           O-O            /    |    \
           |             O O-O-O-O-O O
         O-O           u/d     |     u/d
                       O     O-O       O
                     O-O   O-O-O
                     |X|  /
                     O-O-O-O  FOREST
     Dragons           |X|X|
                     O-O-@ O         @ = out
       O-O-O         |\|/|X|>O
      / /=\ \        O-O-O-O
     O O O O O  Bear/|/   \|
     |  \ /  | O---O  O O O
     O   O   O  \ /   | |/
      \     /    O    O-O-O-O   O
       O-O-O          |\   \|  /|
         |            O-O   O-O-O-O
         O           /      |/|/|/|
       crack        /       O-O-O-O
         O     O O-O          |/|/|  POND
         |Hydr/|/|X           O-O-O
         O O O-O-O-O
        / /  |X|X / SWAMP
       O O   O-O-O
       | |  /  |
       O-O-O   O

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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