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Event Info

Events are untimed, spur of the moment, happenings that bring some spice and unpredictibility to the game. They may be benificial, harmful, stupid, annoying, or completely useless. But aren't many things in life like that anyway.

The current events available are:

Bank Robbery, Blight, Bonus, Chuckles, Clones, Connect4, Contraption, Exp Lottery, Foxhunt, Fungus, Healer, Hot Potato, Jade Statue, LSD Clouds, Magic eater, Meteor, Minesweeper, Money rain, Newbie Orbs, Orc Invasion, Rats, Roadblock, Robin Hood, Rust monster, Shapeshift, Shoplifter, Snowball, Vikings, Worship, Zhentorian, and Zonni statue.

Bank Robbery

A gang of bank robbers have stolen money from the bank accounts of all mortals currently in the game. The money is carried by the robbers whom you may kill. Once the robbers are dead, the loot is available for the taking. Hint: The robber will actually only have a small portion of the stolen cash on his corpse. The rest can't be recovered.


With this event, the wizard may show his/her/it's dis-favor by taking a bit of power from the players for a short time. This power manifests itself in the form of small stat and skill reductions. The effects last for 20-40 minutes depending on the player and chance.


With this event, the wizard may show his/her/it's favor by granting the players a bit of power for a short time. This power manifests itself in the form of small stat and skill enhancements. The effects last for 20-40 minutes depending on the player and chance.


Chuckles needs a vacation every once in a while. Being a fool isn't easy. Instead of making everyone else laugh, he might have a few at your expense. Of course he is nice to those newbies who flock around him. But beware of facing him in combat. In battle, he has been known to cheat...


Clone event creates a duplicates of all mortals. It is very deadly event for players, mostly for newbies. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to rid the world of these clones.


Players are given 3 hours to get the highest score and highest average. The winner receives lots of exp :). Rules are simple.. get 4 counters in any direction in the grid to win! Game boards are located down from the roulette place.


The pernicious Pancreas the Eastern Sorceror approaches BatCity with evil intentions. Seek out Wobble the Magician somewhere in town, for he has a splendid plan on how to turn back the flying sorceror.

EXP Lottery

This works like a raffle style lottery. Players may buy tickets or'shares' at 1000 experience each. The maximum number of shares that a player may buy is 100000. When the event ends The total number of shares are tallied up, and a random one is chosen as the winner. Thatplayer recieves 75% of all the exp in the pot, the rest is carried over until the next run as the initia pot. If the event is ended before the drawing, all exp is refunded PROVIDED the player is still on the mud.


The foxhunt is an old sport used to demonstrate one's prowess of speed and stamina. Essentially you must track down the helpless little fox and kill him. The fox's tail is generally seen as the trophy of the adept hunter. In order to participate in a foxhunt, one must seek out the Hunt Master's cabin south of Bat City. There you can ask him for a fox horn with which will alert his ranging hounds who are trailing the fox. By following their cries, you can home in on the fox's location. Kill the defenseless little animal, and you have won. Be warned that while the fox is weak, he is fast. Even if you find him, you will be hard pressed to keep up. Sometimes he may even seem to vanish due to his lightning speed. Keep focused and you will succeed. The Hunt Master's cabin is located roughly 120 south and 30 east from Bat City by a lake. NOTE: This is meant as a fun event. Please don't spoil it by 'calling the kill'


You suddenly hear beautiful singing... You look towards the heavens and an angelic figure slowly glides down and lands in the middle of central square! She then speaks in a beautiful voice... 'Batmud, I am Sharon the Healer and will visit you for a short period of time only, I'm afraid. One time you may be distance healed by 'tell sharon blah' and, once only, if you are in the same room as myself, I will heal you if you 'ask sharon'. I'M WARNING YOU...NOT MORE THAN ONCE!'

Hot Potato

This event clones a 'hot potato' which will explode into mashed potatos after certain time period. The object is to not be holding it when it explodes. At this point a new hot potato will be given to another player who must get rid of it. The only way to get rid of it is to toss it to a 'valid' player (was there at the start of event, did not quit...) The last person left who did not have the potato explode on them will win. The winner will recieve a few gems as a reward. Players are disqualified if they quit during the event. Players entering after the event starts are not eligible to participate.

Jade Statue

In this event an enormous Jade Statue appears out of nowhere in the front of the city Bank, and blocks the entrance. Noone knows where or when this thing was created, but the old generations have seen this often. They whisper about it's mystical features, and many of them say it's a living thing. And many have died trying to find out what this thing really is. Only one thing is sure. You can't enter the Bank while this thing is in front of it.

LSD Clouds

This event will cause some hallucinative clouds to float around the city.

Magic eater

This event summons a magic eating cloud to the city to city. All spell costs are quadrupled until it is killed. Have a nice day.


A strange meteor has crashed into the world. Maybe you can find it. Hint: Until the meteor is destroyed undead will rise from monster corpses MUCH faster and more frequently. The meteor can be destroyed by casting damaging spells at it. Skills cannot be used. Using kick skill on the meteor will tell you that chips are falling off, but it's not really hurting the meteor. Some players have used kick on the meteor for HOURS without destroying it. Once the meteor is destroyed you'll find about 3 multicolored crystals. These can be used to store sps. Initially you'll get back about 25% of the sps you put into it, but you get less % of sps back the more sps you put into it. (Note: I haven't actually had one of these in over a year so it may have been changed.) Hint contributed by Crush.


A strange portal has appeared in Central Square which leads to a deadly minefield. Perhaps, with enough skill and luck, you can clear the minefield and bring safety back to BatCity.

Money Rain

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's MOWGLES!

Newbie orbs

Vengeance (and xp) is sweet!

Orc Invasion

A hole has been dug somewhere in the city out of which orcs are coming to terrorize the population. Orcs will continue to appear until this gastly hole is plugged up.


Rat event creates lot of rats to town which newbies must kill and submit to rat collector for a reward.


Road blocks are randomly placed around the city during which time travel through the city, can be difficult, if not impossible, and time consuming. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as the case may be, the roadblocks are not as strong as they used to be. Hense they cannot stand up to too much abuse anymore before falling apart. And as luck would have it, when the roadblocks were being made a foolosh city guard lost a ring into one of them....

Robin Hood

Robin Hood redistributes wealth from rich above level 30 to players below level 30. Robin starts from somewhere in the city, and keeps walking and teleporting to/from random players. Robin Hood steals money and objects. Robin Hood hangs around until he is killed or gets sick of your whines.


A group of novice mages have been tampering with elements they know nothing about. Their acts have opened a gate into a plane of darkness where only acts of dark evils are produced. What these mages of innocence did not know, is that something was waiting at the other end.


A shoplifter has robbed one of the stores. Maybe you can catch him.


This event drops snowballs into the city so players may pelt each other. The first one that gets 25 hits first, wins 40 batium. Players must wait a small delay before hitting the same target again. Usage: throw snowball at


BatCity is raided by men with horned helmets. They come from the sea with a wooden viking boat. Fighters of the city, take arms and defend BatCity! Hint: The necklaces of the vikings can be joined together somehow, to make a viking axe.


In this event wizard has placed his statues around the game area. Your mission is to, either in party or solo, worship on all statues. After you/your party has located all statues and worshipped on them you have to find the wizard who started the event and finally worship the wizard. The first team/person who has done this will receive an reward from immortals (tps). The amount of tps will be announced at the beginning of the event. If you decide to team up to find all statues, the tps will be divided among the party. Smaller the party, more taskpoints you will get. It is recommended that you worship at least on one statue to show your loyalty, not doing this can lead to serious consequences.


The Zhentorians have arrived by air ship to BatCity and have taken over the town. They must be stopped!

Zonni Statue

Make whole the statue of Zonni and he will reward you.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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