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Castle Firefox

Area Info

Dirs: On island at SE corner of Batworld

Coder: Firefox

General Descrip: Castle and hidden catacombs. Sadisto lives here. One of the best areas in Batmud, a classic. Fun for solos and parties at just about any level.

Difficulty: lowbie to high

Area Size: 60+

Last Update: January 22, 2005

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive

Acolyte of fire                1k   random
Banshee (undead)       *   10-20k   Cloak of the Magi (no stats)
Boby                          10k   2 randoms
Cute maid                      1k   random
Effriti                *     40k+
Fireguard                     750   short sword
Fireguard elite                8k   longsword, 1 random eq
Fireguard elite (at entrance) 10k   longsword, 1 random eq, key to walls
Fireguard protecting castle    1k   short sword
Halfling                       3k   random
High priest of fire           34k   fiery red breastplate, legendary mace of luck
Jimmy                          7k   long black gloves
Jooby                         400   none
Low level priest of fire      10k   2 random
Massive fireguard              5k   2 random
Messenger squire              700   1 random
Mid level priest of fire       3k   2 randoms
Nasty looking fireguard        2k   1 random
Plump looking cook            400   butcher knife, 1 random eq
Sadisto                      220k   Sadisto Gauntlets
Servant                      2.5k   2 random 
Tough looking fireguard  *  .5-2k   1 random (or none)

Area Map:

			 |   |   |
	       Supply hut ---O--- Gardener's hut (enter fireplace to
			     |                    get to a safe room)
		    -O-      O   O   O   O
	             |       |   |   |   |
		 |           |       |   |
		 D           |      Boby O
			     |           |
			     O- Jooby  O-O
		  Captain -O-U-O

  Fireguard elite at the entrance has the key to the walls.

  Inside the Walls:
                   O-*-O            *  rooms with doors where the key fits
		  /     \           U  rooms with exits up
		 O	 O
		 |	 |
		 O	 O
		 |       |
	       O-O	 O-O
	      / 	    \
	     U  	     U
	     |  	     |
	     O  	     O
	     |  	     |
	     O  	     O
	     |  	     |
	     O  	     O
	     |  	     |

  Sadisto Run:

             |/  (not sure from here on)

   A special thanks to Fantus for helping me map this area.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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