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Fraggle Village

Area Info

Dirs: From W-Cross, go 67 sw, 57 s. Or go 3 e, 32 s from Akira.

Coder: Runeaxe

General Descrip: The fraggle village is limited to max level 50 players. All the rooms in the area are no explore.

Difficulty: Newbie to Lowbie

Area Size:

Last Update: March 19, 2006

Monsie Info:

Drunken singing fraggle
Fast fraggle running for fun        2k
Fraggle merchant selling fruit      8k   random eq
Fraggle showing off tricks          5k   torch
Fraggle strolling                  400   none
Fraggle walking around              1k   none
Green slimy gremlin
Hyperactive fraggle
Old fraggle stands here            500   random rod
Paranoid fraggle ambushing you      5k   none
Rapid fraggle running               1k 
Ripido, fraggle bartender
Shady fraggle standing              3k
Sheela, the sexy mayor              5k
Slimy gremlin
Sophisticated fraggle butler        5k
Strong equipped gremlin
Zucpux, lord of the gremlins             (follows, grapples)

Area Map:

Fraggle Village  
    Map by Marshal.
    Contact Dryad if you can offer an improved map.

    O = room    + = door    

     O  -  O  -  O  -  O
     |     +     |          
     O O - O - O O  +  O - U/D - Mayor  
     | O-O-O     |
     O  -  O     O  -  O
     +           |     |
     O           O  -  O


If you buy 2 doses of speed from the shady fraggle in the alley and give them 
both to sheela, you are rewarded with a random scroll.

Secret door by ripido (~30-60k), underground rooms with 1-6k monsters, 
and more secret rooms in there. You need to push wall or something to get inside. 
All monsters are aggrro in there.

When you kill Ripido, you get a 'long Vanadium key' from him.  You assume it unlocks
the door, which is does, but that door just puts you out on the street.  However,
if you 'search floor', you find a cellar door, which also unlocks from this key.

Notes from someone to me about an error on the map:

  When you enter 2e and there is 1 room to the north
  and you can run in a circle there (the error is from 
  entrance 2s then you can go 2e.

If someone wants to fix the map (or just make it prettier), I'll be
happy to post the corrections.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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