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General Info

Character Stats pathetic pitiful sad bad tiny little meager feeble poor paltry crude weak slight low mediocre average decent adequate good nice great excellent impressive incredible superb awesome dazzling magnificent unearthly divine

EQ Stats Levels (from ID) will not insignificantly slightly moderately greatly vastly divinely

Size Messages tiny little small short average big large huge colossal enormous

Age Messages very young young middle aged old very old ancient

Item Conditions trashed aweful very bad bad poor battered fine good great excellent superb incredible AWESOME

Prot/Enchant/Feather Weight Messages [red glow] enchanted by scroll of enchant item [yellow glow] feather weighted [blue glow] protected [green glow] protected and feather weighted [purple glow] protected and enchanted [orange glow] enchanted and feather weighted [white glow] protected, anchanted and feather weighted

The Pantheon
Good * Aveallis, Lord of Light Neutrality * Lumine, Mistress of Twilight Evil * Draen-Dalar, Overlord of Darkness Magic * Aeo, the Flow of Magic Matter * Beldarus, the Hammer of Worlds War * Faerwon, God of Holy War Justice * Las, the Anvil of Good Murder * Curath, the Designer of Deception Nature * Loraen, Goddess of the Earth Healing * Tarmalen, God of True Healing Undead * Oxtoth, God of Decay Reincarnation * Ahm, the Ever-changing, the Unstable Harming * Burglefloogah, God of Chaos and Reptiles Resurrection * Kauwenda, the Goddess Beyond the Veil Self Modification * Galean, the Selfish Draining * Sa'hr, Goddess of Blood Trade * Cipro, the God of Merchants Inns and taverns * Hemet, the Drunken God HEROES ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Weapons * Sparchak, Hero of Atie, Weaponsmaster Defensive * Grundor, The Bulwark of Lorenchia Evasive * Sashita, Heroine of the Oppressed Music * Noitulove, the Forger of Songs

Monster Damage Status
How to know what shape a monster is in: (in hps remaining) Excellent 90-100% Good 80-90% Slightly hurt 65-80% Noticeably hurt 50-65% Not in good shape 35-50% Bad shape 20-35% Very bad shape 10-20% Near death 0-10% The middle ones may be 15% ranges, it isn't always easy to tell. All are accurate to 5% or better.

Level Costs (EXP)
CURRENT COSTS Lvl Exp Lvl Exp Lvl Exp Lvl Exp Lvl Exp 1 200 21 5478 41 207k 61 1478k 81 3195k 2 117 22 6464 42 252k 62 1492k 82 3355k 3 278 23 7628 43 306k 63 1507k 83 3522k 4 328 24 9001 44 372k 64 1522k 84 3698k 5 386 25 10621 45 453k 65 1538k 85 3883k 6 457 26 12533 46 550k 66 1555k 86 4078k 7 538 27 14789 47 669k 67 1572k 87 4281k 8 637 28 17451 48 813k 68 1591k 88 4496k 9 751 29 20593 49 989k 69 1610k 89 4720k 10 886 30 24300 50 1202k 70 1631k 90 4956k 11 1046 31 29534 51 1372k 71 1961k 91 5204k 12 1235 32 35896 52 1380k 72 2059k 92 5464k 13 1457 33 43628 53 1389k 73 2162k 93 5738k 14 1719 34 53025 54 1398k 74 2270k 94 6025k 15 2029 35 64447 55 1408k 75 2384k 95 6326k 16 2394 36 78329 56 1418k 76 2503k 96 6642k 17 2823 37 95201 57 1429k 77 2628k 97 6974k 18 3334 38 115707 58 1441k 78 2760k 98 7323k 19 3934 39 140631 59 1453k 79 2898k 99 7689k 20 4342 40 170923 60 1464k 80 3043k 100 8074k OLD COSTS Lvl Exp Lvl Exp Lvl Exp Lvl Exp Lvl Exp 1 200 21 5478 41 150k 61 1138k 81 3020k 2 235 22 6464 42 177k 62 1195k 82 3171k 3 278 23 7628 43 208k 63 1255k 83 3330k 4 328 24 9001 44 246k 64 1317k 84 3496k 5 387 25 10621 45 290k 65 1383k 85 3671k 6 457 26 12533 46 343k 66 1453k 86 3855k 7 539 27 14789 47 405k 67 1525k 87 4048k 8 637 28 17451 48 478k 68 1601k 88 4250k 9 751 29 20593 49 564k 69 1682k 89 4463k 10 887 30 24300 50 665k 70 1766k 90 4686k 11 1046 31 28674 51 698k 71 1854k 91 4920k 12 1235 32 33835 52 733k 72 1947k 92 5166k 13 1457 33 39925 53 770k 73 2044k 93 5424k 14 1719 34 47112 54 809k 74 2146k 94 5696k 15 2029 35 55592 55 849k 75 2254k 95 5980k 16 2394 36 65599 56 892k 76 2366k 96 6279k 17 2825 37 77407 57 936k 77 2485k 97 6593k 18 3334 38 91340 58 983k 78 2609k 98 6923k 19 3934 39 107782 59 1032k 79 2739k 99 7269k 20 4642 40 127182 60 1084k 80 2876k 100 7633k Summary of Level Costs: (groups of 10 levels) Cost per 10 lvls Total cost from lvl 0 ---------------- --------------------- 1-10 4699 (5k) 4699 (5k) 11-20 24615 (25k) 29314 (30k) 21-30 128858 (129k) 158172 (158k) 31-40 674448 (675k) 832620 (833k) 41-50 3526k (3.5M) 4358620 (4.36M) 51-60 8786k (8.8M) 13144620 (13.1M) 61-70 14315k (14.3M) 27459620 (27.5M) 71-80 23320k (23.3M) 50779620 (50.8M) 81-90 37990k (38M) 88769620 (88.8M) 91-100 61883k (62M) 150652620 (150M) Total cost to lvl 100: 150,652,620 exp.

Level Costs (Cash)
Formula seems to be: cashcost = (guildlvl)*(guildlvl)*(15) Which is to say, take your guild lvl, square it, and multiply by 15. So if you are at a guild lvl of 5, the cost is 5*5*15 = 375 gold. For guild lvl of 60, it is 60*60*15 = 54000 gold. Gol's cumulative guild cost calculator is: 2.5n(n+1)(2n+1) Where n=(characterlevel-15), and cumulative cost is the total cost from 0 to n. Don't forget to subtract the costs of joining levels which are free, and don't forget to place joining levels as high as possible, in other words, join guilds so that you join those with most levels first and least level last.

Angel in disguise
God's gift 
Blessing to the world
Pure at heart
Irreprochably kind
Beneficient being
You are good and the gods smile on you.
Unwholesome rogue
Spiteful bastard
Malevolent fiend
Malignant growth
You are morally bankrupt
Nerfariously evil
Satans love child

small marks small scratch large scratches small wound lesion nasty laceration limb to slice open artery explode gaping wound kidney to rupture rib bones snap and crack snapping collerbone NASTY head wound entrails flying everywhere spinal discs to dislodge snapping back a limb mutilating intestinal tissue large bones snapping entrails to spill everywhere smashing rib bones into a lung snapping a neck bone sick amt of disgusting wounds brain tissue to fly out limb to fly off serious brain heamorrage heart tissue to fly everywhere

Consider Messages
From good to bad: cross and shovel clear advantage shouldn't be a problem clear advantage somewhat better than consider yourself superior slight disadvantage you have a disadvantage you are mad! You have no chance whatsoever hah! read your prayers * you have no chance whatsoever (someone place this properly for me)

EQ Prot Levels
non-existent protection worst almost non-existent protection little meager feeble poor paltry crude weak low medicore average above average good great best

Malack's Guide to Caster EQ
This is a list of some of the more common caster equipment for the given level categories. Of course there is much overlap. Many people probably wonder what levels fall under each of the following categories, and it is important to note that they are subject to interpretation. Also, some slots are much harder to find than others (ex: the arms and bracelets slots have much less of a selection than the ring slots or the held slots). Also note that many people have different equipment-related goals. These items center around spell point regeneration. High Mid Low Head Golden Helm Dragon Skull Slimy Mummy Headband Neck Black Silk Collar Crystal Pendant Magical Dog Collar Cloak Slime Cloak Magic Cloak Cloak of Frost Amulet Amulet of Truth Amulet of the Snow Dog Ancient Dragon Amulet Arms Dragon Sleeves Golden Wristbands Bracelets Blue Bracelets of Magic Bracelets of Axidia R-Hand Red Glove of the Healer Purple Glove Green Glove L-Hand Red Glove of the Healer Purple Glove Green Glove R-Ring Heavy Black Metal Ring Coiled Serpents Ring Ring of Spell Restoration L-Ring Heavy Black Metal Ring Coiled Serpents Ring Ring of Spell Restoration R-Held Rod of Artemis Staff of the Elements Crystal Dagger L-Held Rod of Artemis Staff of the Elements Crystal Dagger Torso Mirror Plate Blood Red Vest Shadow Vest Belt Belt of Bones Frozen Ice Belt Small Jewelled Belt R-Leg Battle-scrrd Shin Grd Dirty Leggings Jewelled Skirt L-Leg Battle-scrrd Shin Grd " " Feet Blue Radium Boots White Boots Strong Sapphire Boots

10 Signs You are an Old Player
By Ceridwen 1) Your friends list is full, but none of them are ever on. 2) You long ago lost count of your reincarnations. 3) You have seen Anipa unidle. 4) You think boons suck. 5) You drop more places on the plaque than you gain. 6) You are afraid to open most of your chests. 7) You have partied with multiple archwizards. 8) You still try to use the 'where' command sometimes. 9) You find yourself siding with the wizards against mortal whiners. 10) You found these amusing.

Heres a breakdown on full boon costs: (from Shiquan) # of TPs # of Full Boons 150 1 420 2 720 3 1170 4 1740 5 2340 6 3090 7

Tarmalen Bless Effects

Bless effects work until the game reboots or you quit out. You can be blessed only once per boot, so if you quit out early and reenter, you can not be blessed again until after the game reboots (approx every 12 hours). Info contributed by Toe.


You feel fishy = water walking You feel like you could do anything = +1 to all skills You feel fully healed = full hp You feel one with the soil = hiking or +hpr (someone check this) You feel one with magic = +1 to all spells You feel one with magic forces = see magic You feel you could see anything = see invisible You feel one with darkness = infravision Your heart begins to beat faster = +heart beat (faster ticks)


Acne - Makes you more prone to scars. Availability: All

Afraid of dark - Makes you afraid of dark. Availability: All Note: If it is dark then you will run away twice, sometime you run away even when it isn't dark.

Brain Fever - Makes all your spells go to 0% occasionally. Availability: All but nomad

Clumsiness - Increases your chance of fumbling attacks. Availability: civ and nomad

Drifter - Makes your character's alignment change more easily. Availability: All but nomad

Dyslexia - Makes you occasionally miss training and studying sessions. Availability: All

Fast Aging - Makes you age faster. Availability: All Note: This isn't a problem if your race has an age of 250 days or more or you may end up ancient in about a week

Feminism - Makes you attack non female characters without any apparent reason. If you aren't female yourself it works the same way as the bane 'You don't want this bane'. Availability: All

Machismo - Used to be available only to males but is now available to both genders. Basically, when you take this bane, your wimpy is permanantly off. A real macho man never runs from a fight.

Masochism - Makes you sometimes take more damage. Availability: All

Modesty - You can't use any skills or spells if you aren't wearing decent clothing. Availability: All but nomad Note: This means you can't use any skills or spells ever again. This bane is being modified a lot but you might end up needing a reinc if you like using skills or spells. Don't forget to cover every equipment and clothing spots, you feel so naked only wearing one ring.

Necrophobia - Makes you afraid of corpses. Availability: All Note: Inconvenient but livable, you flee randomly twice.

Occasional paralysis - Makes all your skills go to 0% occasionally. Availability: All but magical

Racism - Makes you attack players of other races or get or get outbursts of rage (damaging you) when accompanied by players other than your party members of other races occasionally. Availability: All Note: This may have been changed but you could get an outburst of rage even with no one in the room. An outburst often reduces you to 1 hp but never lower. Occasionally means about 8 times an hour, you might never be at full hit points ever again. You may or may not attack other player depending on modifications to this bane.

Seasickness - Makes you take a lot of damage occasionally, if you are in a room that contains water. Availability: All Note: A lot means a lot, 150-500+ points and it stuns. Stumble into a room with water up to your toes and you may find yourself in hell after lying unconscious for a little while.

Shyness - Makes you occasionally afraid of other players. Availability: All Note: Occasionally means often. You will flee in terror twice every ten minutes or so.

Slow Motion Mouth - Makes your spells go off slower than they should sometimes. Availability: All but nomad Note: Slower can be a lot slower, a 1 round spell might end up taking 6 rounds.

Spell Madness - Makes you sometimes cast the wrong spell. Availability: All but nomad

Weak Heart - Makes your character's heart miss a beat every once in a while. Availability: All

You Don't Want This Bane - You won't want this bane. Availability: All Note: This bane makes you die. A lot. Often. Forever. Get a reinc.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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