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Giant Killers

Area Info

Dirs: Southwestern Rothikgen

Coder: Doobie, converted by Finaldey (1999), recoded by Coren

General Descrip:

Recently some Giant-Killers were seen headed towards the eastern region of BatWorld. They were searching for a few quick kills to add to their already lengthy list. Perhaps if you hurry there will still be a giant or two left by the time you get there.

Finaldey added, in December of 1999, "Yes. It is open again. I changed it a lot less than was planned, since some of my colleagues thought it would be better like it was. See how I planned to enhance the area from the first few rooms of the newbie world and give feedback. I might change more of the area on-the-fly if there is enough demand for it." And then, apparently, Coren recoded it sometime in the years after Finaldey reintroduced it into the game. Thanks to you both!

Difficulty: Newbie to midbie.

Area Size:

Last Update: July, 2010

Monsie Info:

k = killing cloud

Belfrost the mage              6k     
Colossal Guard                32k   softly glowing jacket
Hillgiant's wife               7k   random
Large hill giant              25k
Legendary giant-killer     10-57k   Large dwarven hammer, leggings
Mitten the Dwarf             3.5k   random hammer
Murgo the priest               5k   random
Savage mountainman            10k   random
Slime                       .5-4k   large slimey gems
Small hermit                  10k   wood staff
Valiant knight                11k   random
Very sad king                 55k   random

Petting zoo:

Camel                         1k
Chickens                     200   misc small armour
Deer                          1k   misc small armour
Drunk girl                    1k
Drunk handyman                2k   misc
Evil-looking bats
Fat handyman                  3k   misc
Giant camel                  800   none
Girls/boys at waterfall      <1k   
Jack                          4k   misc armour
Jill                          3k   none
Large MUTANT chicken          7k   none
Large sloth                *
Mean looking man              3k   enchanted dagger (no stats)
Ponies                       800   none
Pony ride attendant           4k   leather whip
Popcorn seller                3k   popcorn boxes
Rats                         300   a small cracker
Restless construction worker  4k
Screaming kid                800   none
Small sloth                *
Stoned handyman               2k   misc armour
Wild foul turkey             500
Very large drunk kid          1k  
Very sweaty foreman      k   32k   iron glaive  

Waterfall:  (under the waterfall)

Castle guard             *   30k   ornate ring
Horny seamonster

Area Map:


                      petting zoo
                          O-O  (search lockers)
          entrance        |
             outerworld   |
		      |   |
		      O   O-O  (exa boxes)	
             	      |   |
		      O   O-O O
		      |\_ |   |
		      O  \O---O

Petting zoo:
    D-O-O-O-O-U*  (jump in river, tread) 
        O-O  (clean coop --> caverns)

Things to do:

    search dresses
    exa shelf
    jump onto shelf

   *  In room with colossal guard, search grass to find a tiny 
      grasshopper (item, held slot).

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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