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Centaur Race

File updated in April, 2006.

The Centaur race
General description:
  A long time ago, before the great City of Bats was relocated in the north,
  the great Gods of the Realms decided to teach a lesson to some outspoken
  mortals. Thus the race of centaurs was born. Outcasts from society, being
  half human half horse, they had to learn to live with the help of each
  others in the forests of the Realms. Several centaurs stayed behind in the
  civilized world as lower class workers, but being isolated from their brothers
  they never reached their full potential and remained weak.

  Over the years the centaurs lived in peace. They learned to live in the forests
  and how to use magic of both good and evil in nature. Many were the wars fought
  between the humans and the centaurs, many died on both sides. Only one of the
  original humans who were turned centaur remain, the original centaur Shmuzin.
  Shmuzin leads the Centaur race.

Strength: awesome                  Dexterity: low
Intelligence: weak                 Wisdom: good
Constitution: dazzling             Size: large

Other features:
They are superior beings and therefore need more experience points. They adapt
well to the most complicated skills. Even the most difficult arcane powers can
be mastered by them. They are empathic. They have half int, wis, dex, con and
str if they are not male. They have good vision.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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