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Gnome Race

File updated in April, 2006.

The Gnome race
General description:
  Gnomes are a race of small humanoids that are related to dwarves.
  Gnomes are different from dwarves mainly in their habitat and habits.
  They live mainly in forests and sometimes build their homes into
  underground mines. The gnomes don't rely on physical work as much as
  their cousins dwarves since they feel themselves comfortable with and
  around magical phenomena. Some gnomes make up the best adventuring
  mages and illusionists.

  Gnomes have an exclusive right to a skill called 'tinkering'.
  Flora leads the Gnome race.

Strength: slight                   Dexterity: good
Intelligence: decent               Wisdom: impressive
Constitution: low                  Size: average

Other features:
They regenerate damage very slowly. They regenerate magic points fast. They
are superior beings and therefore need more experience points. Even the most
difficult arcane powers can be mastered by them. They can see in the dark.
They have a faster than normal heart beat. They have bad vision.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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