[Bat Map]

[100 Acre Forest]
[Alch House]
[Ancona Manor]
[Ant Hill]
[Bat City]
[Burning Village]
[Castle Brantis]
[Catfolk Tree]
[Caves of Orac]
[Caverns of Chaos]
[Corn Field]
[Crimson Brigade]
[Dark Castle]
[Dark Forest]
[D'hregal Mines]
[Door to the Past]
[Elf Village]
[Enchanted Forest]
[Frozen Valley]
[Goblin Caves]
[Goblin Farm]
[Goddess Garden]
[Halls of Dead]
[Hell's Dojo]
[Hill Giants]
[Horsehead Mtn]
[Horn Durath]
[Inn o/t 4 Winds]
[Ivory Tower]
[Katvil Forest]
[King Eowyns]
[Lands of Lor]
[Lonely Mountain]
[Midnight Carnival]
[Mountain Dwarf]
[Mushroom Hill]
[Newbie Forest]
[Newbie Mines]
[Newbry Park]
[Newbie Mtn]
[Newbie Zoo]
[Norse Village]
[Old Forest]
[Orc Scouts]
[Perilous Forest]
[Pig Farm]
[Public Garden]
[Rainbow Cloak]
[Rain Forest]
[Red Tides]
[Secret Jungle]
[Skeep Prison]
[Snow Mtn]
[Temple o/Winds]
[Tiburcio's Tower]
[Trog Village]
[Urvile Tree]
[Valley of Silence]
[Wizard of Oz]
[Zoy's Inn]
[Zonni Swamps]

[Site History]
[Other Bat Sites]

Magical Background Info

Name: Magical background

 Spell Magic missile to 15%

 Level 2:
   Skill Skill that saves sp to 10%
   Spell Light to 10%
 Level 3:
   Spell Magic missile to 20%
   Spell Darkness to 10%
 Level 4:
     Spell Moon sense to 10%
 Level 5:
 Skill Skill that saves sp to 15%
 Spell Mirror image to 5%
 Level 6:
   Skill Cast generic to 10%
   Skill Stargazing to 10%
   Spell Acid arrow to 15%
   Skill Essence eye to 5%
 Level 7:
   Spell Magic missile to 25%
   Skill Skill that saves sp to 20%
   Spell Mirror image to 10%
 Level 8:
   Spell Acid arrow to 25%
 Level 9:
   Spell Floating disc to 10%
 Level 10:
   Spell Floating letters to 25%
 Level 11:
   Spell Magic missile to 30%
 Level 12:
 Skill Cast generic to 20%
 Skill Stargazing to 25%
 Skill Essence eye to 25%
 Spell Floating disc to 20%
 Level 13:
     Spell Lightning bolt to 10%
 Level 14:
   Spell Mirror image to 20%
 Level 15:
     Spell Feather weight to 10%

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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