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List of Open Guilds

This list is current as of March, 2006.

           Open Guilds

Here is a quick list of the guilds which are currently open. Explore
or ask other mortals to find their locations. Watch news for information on
future guild openings.

        The Crimson Brigade
        Barbarian Guild
        The Squires
        The Division of Cavaliers
        The Herd of Beastmasters

        The Brotherhood of Wizardry
        The Psionicists
        The Conjurers
        The Channellers

        Fellowship of Wizardry
        The Civilized Fighters
        The Master Merchants
        Guild of Alchemy
        The Bards' Guild
        The Order of the Shadow Sabres
        The Squires
        The Division of Cavaliers
        The Legion of Knights
        The Faculte of Runemagi

Good Religious
        The Followers of Tarmalen
        The Humble Druids
        The Warrior Brotherhood
        The Templars of Faerwon
        Sisters of Las

Evil Religious
        Lords of Chaos
        Evil Priests
        The Cult of Reavers

Multi Background
        The Association of Mystical Navigators
        The Priests of Eternal Existence
        The Union of Sailors

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