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Penguin Race

File updated in April, 2006.

The Penguin race
General description:
  The penguins are an ancient race of polar birds. Their bulky build and weird
 appendages (also called flippers) make them a very clumsy but durable race.
 Unappreciated by the masses, these cute little birds have unrivaled charisma
 and are wiser than generally thought. Even though penguins can't use weapons
 their peck is know for its sharp and swift sting. The Grandmaster Penguin
 Alvin is only allowed to invite to this race.
  Alvin leads the Penguin race.

Strength: weak                     Dexterity: little
Intelligence: great                Wisdom: incredible
Constitution: decent               Size: average

Other features:
They regenerate damage very slowly. They regenerate magic points fast. They
are superior beings and therefore need more experience points. Even the most
difficult arcane powers can be mastered by them. They heal faster when in
water. They are empathic. They have a faster than normal heart beat. They have
good vision. This race can only be joined by invitation from Alvin.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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