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Satyr Race

File updated in April, 2006.

The Satyr race
General description:
  Satyrs are small creatures that resemble a crossbreed of a goat and a
  smallish humanoid. They have the hindlegs of a goat and the upper
  torso of a small human. Merry, singing, dextrous and always having a fun
  time. This is what most of the other races think about satyrs and this
  is quite true, and since almost all satyrs show an aptitude in
  music they tend to become wandering bards or minstrels. All satyrs
  are supposed to be able to use at least minor spells, but not all of
  them pick up the trade of magic and if they do, they don't usually turn
  out as mages but more as bards. The common lot for a satyr in a party
  of adventurers is to use their magic to help others in battle and
  after the battle to sing about it. In an adventuring party a satyr has
  an unending ability to end up with more than his or her lot of the
  loot but no one cares about it because a satyr always has a good story
  or two to be told to the inquirer.
  Satyrs are proud of their kills and use pixies to verify them to
  'prove' their worth to other adventurers. Their singing in the moments
  of joy or sorrow is rumoured to have magical abilities.
  Brillo leads the Satyr race.

Strength: mediocre                 Dexterity: incredible
Intelligence: excellent            Wisdom: impressive
Constitution: nice                 Size: average

Other features:
They regenerate damage very slowly. They are superior beings and therefore
need more experience points. They adapt well to the most complicated skills.
Even the most difficult arcane powers can be mastered by them. They are
sensitive to their surroundings. They can detect magic on things. They have
good vision.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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