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Thief Guild Info

This is a brief summary of the old thief guild, from sometime
prior to 1999.  Probably dating to earlier than 1997.

Name: Thief guild
Creator: Matte
Maximum level: 35

(The following info is based on that for a dwarf)

Spells available at level 35  |  Max

All-seeing eye                   94
Darkness                         94
Field of light                   82
Haste                            94
Inform                           94
Infravision                      94
Invisibility                     94
Poison                           75
Quicksilver                      94
Water walking                    94

Skills available at level 35  |  Max

Armour piercing                 100
Assassination                   100
Attack                          100
Backstab                        100
Cast control                     88
Cast generic                    100
Cast harm                        66
Cast information                 88
Cast poison                      88
Cast protection                  88
Cast special                     66
Consider                        100
Defence sense                   100 
Disc trick                      100 
Dodge                           100 
Double backstab                 100 
Enhance criticals                45 
Forge armour                    100
Forge weapon                    100 
Herb mixing                     100
Herbal augury                   100
Herbal floating disc            100
Herbal see invisible            100
Herbal smoke resistance         100
Hiding                          100
Hiking                           80
Negate offhand penalty           50 
Outdoors disguise               100
Pick locks                      100
Possessions                     100
Short blades                    100
Sleight                         100
Slip                            100
Sneak                           100
Stab                            100
Steal                           100
Strangle                        100
Stun                             50
Stunned maneuvers                80
Swim                            100
Switch weapon                    50
Track                            60
Tumbling attack                  50

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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