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Hobbit Farmhouse

Area Info

Dirs: Lucentium


General Descrip: Nice little newbie area containing a Hobbit farmhouse, cottage, and tobacco fields.
Room descritions are well coded, with many items to explore and small puzzles to solve.

Difficulty: Easy newbie area. Village of Shrea has some nice newbie cash items (robes in the 1-3k range, for example).

Area Size: >25 rooms

Last Update: June, 2010

Monsie Info:

Burly cook               2k   white cook's hat, iron cleaver
Cat                     300   none
Elderly alchemist        6k   elegant purple robes, highsteel knife
Hobbit farm-hand        500   long rake, Hemplan Blend tobacco
Hobbit wife             800   cloth apron
Huge, warped moles      500   none
Medium moles            150   none
Ren, the watchdog       900   leather collar 
Sister Jennifer          ?k  
Sleek black cat          1k
Tiny moles              100   none
Young maid               4k   feather duster, highsteel knife
Yumra Swampstream        7k   large iron key

Village of Shrea and Forest:

Grey squirrel           200   none
Handsome bard            1k   dagger and coat
Hungry grey wolf         2k   none
Mongrel dog             500   wooden toy soldier
Old and wicked witch     6k   cloth robe, wood staff
Quick fox               500   none
Small boy               500   none
Thin brown cat          100   none
Village priest           3k   gold amulet, cloth robes
Villagers               500   misc clothing

Area Map:

              O   O
              :    \
              O   O O
              |  / \ \
              O O   \ \   O
               \     \ \ /
                     \ / \           Forest
                    O-O-O O-O
                    |    /|/|\
                    O   O O-O O
                          O O
                    O U=O=O
                    | | | |
                    O-O O | O-O
                          | :
                        O-O-U-O      Village of Shrea
                          |   O-O-O
                          |   |X|X|
                        U=O=O O-O-O
                          |  /
                        / D
                       /  |
           entrance   O-O-O
                  |  /    |
    Farmhouse-O-O-O-O     O
             House2 O-O-O


                  O-O-O-O-O- entrance




     entrance -O O-O
                 O |
                 | |
                 O |

Area notes:

*  In shack, search sacks to find the trapdoor that leads to the cellar.
*  Yumra holds the key to the wife's treasures.
*  In farmhouse bedroom:  make bed, sleep on bed, move mirror (to hide/reveal safe).
   In sitting room, enter fireplace.  Look at chimney.  Pull lever to operate the 
   trapdoor below the telescope.
*  To get a map, give the soldier from the mongrel dog in the forest to the
   lost boy in the Village of Shrea.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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