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Tower of Horn Durath

Area Info

Dirs: Rothikgen. A short distance north of Shadowkeep, in the mountains to the west of the road.

Coder: Amarth Shadowstring (1993 and 2000)

General Descrip:

I bring you great news.

The mountain route to the Tower of Horn-Durath has once again been re- constructed. The ancient tower lies just next to the keep of Shadows in the utter east.

The tower itself is said to be rotten to the core by evil.

The area was originally made back in -93 and I have changed only little things that hopefully bring more atmosphere to the enjoyable experience. While the tower is now in good tune, I trust many adventurers will seek to belittle the powers of evil there and it will become as any other lowbie/middlebie area available.


Amarth Shadowstring

Difficulty: Newbie to midbie

Area Size:

Last Update: November, 2009

Monsie Info:

Black skulled skeleton
Blue skulled skeleton
Dark hooded mage              12k   none
Geofer, master gardener        7k
Grey robed mage                5k   sturdy sapphire-jeweled key
Hideous mummy              *  11k
Horrible zombie            *   ?k
Mage with sharp cheekbones    12k   none
Mummy                          8k   none
Mutilated zombie           *   6k   file, stone, small piece of cheese
Red skulled skeleton
Robin                          50
Rotten ghoul               *   8k   none
Rotting zombie                 6k   none
Small grey mouse              200
Small rabbit                  100
Snail                         200
Stinking fighter           *   ?k
Vernon                        12k   key for a metal door

Area Map:

First Level:

                   O-O-O   U-D
                   | | |   |

Second Level:


Third Level:  

                   U/D-O-O (2 aggrs)
                     O O

Fourth Level:

                      | |
                      O U/D

Portal takes you here:

   Plane of Lust-Harath.
   You have entered another plane of existence, the plane of 'Lust-Harath'
   created long ago by the ancient powers in their wisdom (actually they were
   just having a good time). It is quite dull here, nothing special when
   compared to the other realms, just plains plains plains in the horizon.
   You have heard tales about strange inhabitants that live on this plane; of
   the two MOST dangerous undead ever created.
   There are no obvious exits.
   a big pile of gold coins
   A gargantuan-size crystalline portal (jammed open)
   A troll slayer trying to kill the troll
   A troll fighting a troll slayer

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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