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Horsehead Mountain (AKA Snootlings)

Area Info

Dirs: A short distance north of the chessboard. From west-Kutanakor, head about 20 north to the cleft in the mountains.

Coder: Malitrius, 1997-8

General Descrip: Fun quest area with lots of nasty surprises. Bring some tough friends along for the fun.

Malitrius has this to say:
Horsehead mountain is my first area and the first version of the area was coded during the summer 1997. The additional parts were done 1998 I guess. Can't really recall what was in the first version and not. But I bet you can figure that out yourself by just looking for parts with a lot of typoes and that would be parts from the first version. The first version was approved by Shadowjack and it must have been a nightmare to approve. The area was coded by a newbie wizard (me) without any clue and not much help from anyone, so it had bugs and typoes all over it. The area is a patchwork of influences and I've stolen ideas from a lot of places. Guess the biggest influence is a RPG adventure we played when I was young that was called 'Svavelvinter' (Sulphurwinter). You should be able to find a sulphur mine with a dragon and tower in the middle of a crater there at least. The area seem to be extremely popular among certain group of people that know the area really well. But for people that don't know it well it is usually refereed as just being really dangerous (I bet that the ogre that you can't run from is the biggest reason for that). The area has a lot of storytelling in it, if you care to read the books and notes that are placed here and there in it. This area is level quest 69.

Difficulty: lowbie/midbie solo/parties

Area Size: over 60 rooms

Last Update: March 26, 2006

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive, h = casts hallucination

Badger gone nuts               10k
Big brown bear                 25k
Brodda the orc husband         20k
Fox with lovely red fur         7k
Fox with red fur          *    300   no eq
Hairy creature digging    *    200   no eq
Hairy creature looking    *    400   no eq
Hairy creature searching  *    100   no eq
Hairy creature starving   *    100   no eq
Little white rabbit            <1k
Nathan the Defender             4k   long blade
Orc hunter, furious             4k
Orc killing children      *     6k   misc eq
She-wolf                        8k  
Snootling (wrench)        *     2k
Snootling (The Hammer)    *     1k
Snootling (kitchen knife) *     1k
Snootling (scissors)      *     1k
Snootling (fork)          *     1k
Snootling (not armed)     *     2k
Strange orc w/horn        h      
Treeulf                          ?  
T the snootling                10k  
Ugly orc                        6k
Wolf eating                     3k
Wolf trying                    10k

Area Map:

E = Entrance ('enter portal' to leave)
* = Blocking ogre
T = T the snootling
I = You may idle/regen here safely
N = Nathan the defender
G = Gate
t = A very old oak called Treeulf ('search tree')
W = Wolves ('follow wolf')
H = Hut
S = Snootlings ('search box')
B = A big brown bear (idle)
F = A fox with lovely red fur (idle)
w = Waterfall, 'ravine' takes you to blocking ogre
R = A little white killer rabbit (idle)

Note: (idle) monsters will attack if you idle.

  O-O     O
  | |     |
  O-O-* w O O
  | |   | | |
  O-O   O-O-O-O-O
  | |   | | | | |
  | | | | | | | |
  | | | | | |
| |   |
t-G   E
  |   |
  | |
| | |
  | |


* Exit the area at the portal (marked as E) with "enter portal".  The portal 
  may do a small amount of damage to you as you pass through.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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