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Area Info

Dirs: Laenor

Coder: Runeaxe, in October of 1998.

General Descrip: A seriously wounded traveller was brought to the Batcity doctors' attention yesterday by a citizen of Hugoville. Unfortunetly, there was nothing the doctors could do. His last known words were: 'Hobgoblins.. northeast'.

Difficulty: Newbie

Area Size:

Last Update: January, 2010

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive,  x = banishes,   p = poisons


Annie                               1k   none
Billy Bob Jack                      8k   Billy Bob Jack's sword
Calico cat                         500   none
Cat lady                           800   none
Dirty, smelly birdy                350   none
Fat guy                            300   none
Fisherman                          750   none
Gang member, flexes muscles    p    ?k   dagger
Gang member, looking cool      p   800   dagger
Gang member, scraping blood    p    1K   dagger
Gang member, sharpens dagger   p   700   dagger
Grocer                              1k   none 
Grocer's wife                       1k   none
Grizzled old gray wolf            2.5k   none
Happy fisherman                    300   none
Happy new bride                     ?k   none
Happy newlywed husband              ?k   none 
Hugoville sheriff                  750   none
Mangy dog                           1k   none
Mayor                              750   none
Neurotic old lady                   ?k   none
Old fisherman                      850   none
Old grizzled wolf                   1k   none
One-Stump Tommy                     1k   none
Rusty Jack                          ?k   none
Snake oil salesman                  ?k   none
Tabby cat                          500   none
Utah Johnny                         3k   Sword of Bashing, Spiked knee guards, key
Wolf eyeing goats                  950   none
Wolf lounging                      500   none
Wolf prowling                      500   none
Worried Housewife                  200   none
Young guy                          500   none
Young woman                         ?k   none

Von Huber Mansion

Guard dog lunges              *     ?k
Guard dog snarls              *     5k
Guard dog smells              *     9k
Guard dog has foam            *     5k
Herman von Huber         
Otto von Huber                x               
Papa von Huber                     25k   nonel
Priscilla                          62k   none
Servant girl                      3.4k   none

Area Map:

      / \
     o   o-o
     |   |
 o-o-o-@ o     *   o   o   o   to von Huber Mansion
   |      \    |   |   |   |   |
   &       o---o---o---o---o---o 
           |   |   |   |   |    \
         o-o   o   o---o vault   o
	           |  	          \
               o---o---o           outerworld

@ = search bottom to find rusty breastplate
& = move hay to find boots
* = move boxes to find secret door to basement 

Annie says:  If I had someone to love I could tell them all sorts of secrets.

Von Huber Mansion

    nw     |
   lawn    O-O-O
     |     |  
     O   O-U-O-O
     |     |   |
     |     |
     O     O  (use knocker)

* = 5 aggressive guard dogs

Otto says:  There is one thing in the world I long for more than anything else,
and I would tell you, but you are not noble enough to know.  But, if you
should find it and give it to me you will be richly rewarded.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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