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BatMud Interviews

-- Hackop --

Ramjett interviewed Hackop in March, 2006.  This interview was a 
rather fortunate occurrence since Hackop hadn't been online in almost 
80 days.  Busy busy fellow.

Hackop Darkness is a level 31 immortal.
He was created Tue Jun 01 03:08:28 1999 and he is 1y, 88d, 1h, 54min and 21s old.
He was last on Fri Jan 06 12:13:41 2006 (74d, 5h, 31min and 26s ago).
He forwards mail to another account.
He has killed: a young, but already frightful lion, 38843 exp
               an athletic oriental woman in black .., 192127 exp (party of 6)
Web page: http://www.shadowassassin.com/songoftheweek.mp3  Random song every Thur
This player has a blog - last modified 1y, 197d, 18h, 34min and 51s ago.
He has no plan.

Tell us a little about yourself. Currently, I'm 22 years old. Unfortunately, I work full time as a network administrator / systems integrator in Colorado. On Bat, I'm a level 31 immortal, and I've been that way for a long while now. When are you going to be back on Bat more often? I have no idea. When did you start playing Bat? Dear god. That was a long time ago. Let's see, I know it was when I was in the 8th grade... I had just switched schools and met someone online, while in a programming forum, who played Bat. He introduced me to it. His bat name is Zagor, now that I think about it. Let's see, I would have been, 14 years old or so when I started. Well that answered my next question on how did you find Bat. In that case... for the record. Fire Ramjett from asking questions! What has been your favorite 'incarnation' here on Bat My favorite incarnation, pft, that's easy. I'm a ninja. Why wouldn't I choose Tiger/Spider. Well, I'll tell you why. Because I'm in like every guild right now. That's way better. So, I'd vote that my immortal transformation is easily my favorite. Why did you decide to wiz? Because I had a lot of ideas and a desire to contribute to the game. Some of which I've fulfilled. I wanted to know that players would enjoy something I had made and be able to leave a mark upon the game. Heck, I still have ideas and things I would love to introduce, but time has constrained me greatly. Do you enjoy Bat more as a wiz than you did as a player? Yes. What do players do that you find the most annoying? Depends on the player I suppose. It gets bothersome when you're asked to give free stuff. But, overall, that happens as a rarity. The most annoying thing is that everyone usually whines about change. You can't please everyone, and those that aren't pleased speak out much more vocally than those who are. Do you feel your work here is appreciated? What relatively little of it that I've gotten to do, yes. What have you coded? I did the newbie playgrounds... that was my first project. Favorit and I worked on it together. I coded the quests and the small areas to encompass each one. He put the system together to join everything. Basically, the mechanics of it all. That was pretty fun. It was basically something to get real newbie players introduced to questing. I coded, again with Favorit, some of the Capture The Flag event. I did the shrines, as well as the CTF equipment. I had to come up with bonuses and hindrances to give out. I also did a few other minor things on that project. Let's see, I've also put in an ability. That was kind of a late-night crazy happening. I don't even know if players know that exists. I suppose they do if they check out the ability room. I've fixed some bugs also here and there. Very minor things, but they still needed tending to. And of course, I have my list of things that aren't completed. What was the ability? :P I believe it's called Specified Tell Status, if I remember correctly. Or something along those lines. It lets players set different status messages for different players. So when you're having cybersex, you can set an away message for everyone else that says "Grocery Shopping" and one for your partner that says... umm.. well... whatever you'd want it to say. "Getting more kleenex" I suppose. If you could dest one player for any reason, who would it be and why? Is this retroactively speaking? I dunno who's a pain in the ass now. Sure Hrmm, Ramjett is two t's isn't it Yes. Ok, that piece of shit. But Ramjett is super cool! I see. In that case. Maybe Ssmud, because he'd never expect it. Can you share an interesting story with us, about some experience on Bat? I was, at one point, working on a piece of equipment that tied itself in with the combat system. Let me just say, as an aside, that the combat system is messy and scary... But.. I ended up breaking the combat system (just for that instance of course, no players were affected). I had Gore inform me that I broke it. Since combat logs are pretty verbose. I think that's all he said... I let out the classic male line of "I got it...I got it"... Kinda like when you tie a mattress to the top of your car and hold it with your arm. Though.. I did have it.. I fixed it. :-) It was still amusing, and interesting to fubar combat on my testchar though. Is there a meaning to the name Hackop? Yes and no. That name came from before Bat. If you're familiar with Hotline, it was a very early server/client/tracker system. I got the name there. It was given to me by someone else. I don't remember the exact circumstances, but the original iteration was h4ck0p. I changed it to letters, for obvious reasons. So, that's where it came from. It's also sort of suiting for me. You can separate it into Hack and Op, Hack Operator. Which makes sense, especially in my line of work. Thanks for the interview Hackop!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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