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BatMud Interviews

-- Acennan --

I interviewed Acennen on October 14, 2005.  This was his character at the time:

Acennan is a level 48 mortal of the Duck race.
She was created Mon Apr 18 14:53:04 2005 and she is 94d, 14h, 17min and 11s old.
She has been on for 12h, 47min and 10s, idle 38s (*votkaa*).
She has killed: a massive, leathery elephant with gi.., 170672 exp (party of 2)
This player has a blog - last modified 107d, 5h, 29min and 35s ago. 
She has no plan.

Howdy Acennan, thanks for agreeing to do an interview. Tell me about yourself please. Well I'm from Finland and am a 19 year old guy. I'm waiting to graduate from secondary school. Once I finish, I'll probably go to chef school, but I don't know for sure. How did you find BatMud? Well i saw my friend playing this and i asked what is this and he explained me what is this and so on. This was in autumn of 2003. What kind of character do you play on Bat? At the moment, I'm a duck tarmanav.. with small spr and wis eq sets. No big or fancy highbie eq. What do you like about your character? Well I get lots of exp with this. It's fun to sit in backrows to heal people, and I just get exp from partying with friends mostly. I dont offer raise or ress to anonymous persons, sometimes to friends. Ever tried any other guilds? Yes i have, many many reincs.. not as many as Eata but many. What motivates you to play? Well hmm, it's fun to chat with friends and such.. this is sometimes a boring crappy game, but I still came back, dunno why. So money and experience don't motivate you much? Nah. It would be fun to build a playercity one day. What's your plan for the future here? Hmm, next reinc is probably knight.. I've gotta try that :) .. and hmm, building that pcity would be nice, but I've gotta collect lots of money before i can even dream from it. What changes would you most like to see made in the mud? Well I'd like this battle tune to go away. :) and hmm, dunno, it's pretty nice now. Would you ever want to be a wiz on Bat? Nah, it would be too boring to sit in a dataroom and code some new area or something. Its always nice to got mad from dest or eq loss or from some stupid tune. It's just too boring to sit in one room and idle. Do you think you'll still be playing Bat a year from now? I think so, never know what is going to happen, but yeah, I think I'm playing this. Do you think Bat needs new players? Yes, a new player's journey is always fun to watch. That about wraps it up. Thank you for the interview!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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