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BatMud Interviews

-- BlackSmith --

BlackSmith was interviewed December 16-20, 2005.

Blacksmith is a level 56 mortal of the Elf race.
He was created Fri Feb 11 13:14:18 2000 and he is 92d, 4h, 57min and 21s old.
He has been on for 6h, 11min and 34s, idle 1s.
He forwards mail to another account.
He has killed: Novice of the blue star, 30979 exp
               Grimoor, Lord of Ultimate Chaos, 876536 exp (party of 9)
Web page: http://profile.xfire.com/blacksmith81
This player has a blog - last modified 23d, 22h, 27min and 43s ago. 
>To be able to play glorious Vampires again (apparently, to get 375M exp).
>         ...and play full Psionicist (max), Conjurer (2/25) & Navigator (4/5).
>     Seems that when i got total of 948M455k988 exp i can realy start to play.
>Also planing to immort _if_ i can keep my character (freeze it or sumthing),
>so that i can fix lot of illogical/badly working things and add new material.
>The Dread Incarnate.

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a 24 year-old guy. I study (at the moment) computer sciences at university focusing on multidrive, A.I., bioinformation and networks, and I have been into computers for ..well quite some time. I do varous other hobbys too depending about my time and the ongoing season but mainly martial arts, sailing and (downhill) skiing. Others are wallclimbing, paintball, fencing, blacksmithing, music and over all improving or desining of stuff. If I see something done badly, be it a knot or a house, I want to improve it if I can. This is the main reason I got bits of improved & optimized code/house/car/boat/society/gun drawings lying around my house/computer. I am one of those people that straighten the carpet in a supermarket while shopping there. What college degree are you working on (BS/MS/PhD)? Masters, actually aiming for a double degree. One in computer scienece and one in bioinfo. How'd you choose your character's name? The name Blacksmith should be BlackSmith. And no, it is not for a black smith, it is the concept blacksmith. The capital B comes from emphazing my personality, while the capital S comes from my real name and crafting skills. Blacksmith is in the otherhand calling name for smith that does all the smithing jobs in a small society that can't support specialized smiths. As a man of close relationships that fits too on me. Thus BlackSmith has been my nick for 15, or so, years and if I cant use it I wont play that game. When and how did you first find BatMUD? What year.. it is 2005? Right. Umm it was in the time when Quake and C&C was popular in our school, and I as a old D&D player was getting fed up with them as there was little of depth in them. Thus I started to look a rpg'ish game from the net. As an old nethack player, I remembered this article in Pelit-magacine years years back and hitted batmud in Google. This was in 2000. After playing a while, I got my self to glorious vampires and in the same time encountered huge player vs player hostility only becasue i was saying outloud my toughts. This expelled me from Bat for 2-3 years, and when I heard one of my RL friends who is specailized finding loop holes in muds was gaining me in exp, I decided to jump back in. Besides the player hostility, Bat is still The unhoned diamond. What do you mean by unhoned diamond? Hmm, well the game is far too restricted in solely command input sense to make it easily approachable for new players. Things work only one set and usually they are illogical, thus new players have to read a manual before they can get a simple campfire started instead of simply writing "make fire". Other things that slap in your face when you enter the game are the incorrect term usage in armors and illogical character buildout (you select your background first and THEN you play your background). Also the need of chest to save other stuff than the ones you are wearing is simply silly. But besides the hard start, the playing itself is more fluent and fun. The game has huge depth and the possibilites are astonishing. The peole that i have lured in to Bat have either cursed the bad interface or endured long enough to withstand the illogical/cryptic usage of things and have stayed. Bat is like WoW/GW upside down. To get started you need a helping hand and a manual, but there is enough depth to keep your interested to endure it. Who are some of the players that you've brought to Bat? Stayers are Patriot, Bygmi and Ikamera. The leavers... well I had to purge my friends lists, there were too many of them. One that is truly gone and that I miss is Nutsduck. Others that stop by but are not turned on anymore are mudax, kalkkis to name a few. Morkil is getting back after he noticed I was getting back too. Lemme check if I can find my old friends list somehere. Mazzon is back in game too (dunno if he has been off but I used to play with him back then). Harha immorted.. respectable Puhuri is still here... Harha, Kalkkis and I were lot of chatting about psis and teased who would immort and fix psis. Seems that Harha did it, but he ain't arch yet so that ain't counting. Tell me about your character. BlackSmith is a skilled lord psionicist that is turning his attention back to conjurers now that he has gained enough strength in the arts of mental battle. He still seeks a way to become a vampire, even though despised gods have made the ritual of turning sensless. He has gained some items to enhance his battleproveness, but he still seeks more. Overall, his place in the top psionicists has gained him a lot more attention than he ever hoped. While he seeks more power, he also seeks more friends in his journey to immortality. A question from a player: Why do you think so many players dislike you? Probably so many players dislike me as I have the "balls" to say my ideas out loud, stand behind them and I don't squirm under some higher level players will. I am amazed how utterly idiots some players are here. Do people really think that pkilling or harassing someone will change their opinions? People are allowed to express themselves and say their opinnions. If someone dislikes that person, he can use ignore or he can act as a adult and point out where the person was wrong. Harassing in-game someone for ideas that are said about the game will simply make people RL angry and truly hostile. If I smash your car because you think Tappara is not the greatest hockey team in the world... well that kind of commentary will not change anyones opinions. Beside of those persons not undestand how the response for posts, well... I typo a lot and that irritates some people. Like I said, I typo fluently in 3 languages. Also I would like to see some changes in the game that the older players have been used for years. Thats probably one of the things too. Another player question: What kind of underwear do you wear? If you really want to know (some wierd dudes around here...) I wear boxers. Usualy black. How do you spend your time here in Bat? My typical mud session is reading & posting news (the awfull interface for posting and hostility vs posters do slow me down), tweaking triggers to even better (if it can be made better, why not?), geting rep from 1-2k mobs (there is some kind of trick to do more but I havent found it), cleaning up areas after others (easy money), doing taxi gigs (reloing/summing/dimming people around the bat) and chating if someone happens to chat back. All this while I wait that someone answers my plea to party with me, as I admit I have no hands nor skills for leading (exp) partys. I know how to lead the battles itself (I might even say I'm rather good doing it), but area wise im stupid as left foots rubber boot. Other than those... Well if geting in to party seems impossible I idle and do/play something else and leave bat in the background waiting for some nice person to bell me for party. Each time i try to lead i end up either hugely overpowered party for those mobs or way too underpowered, or just simply party wipe. I admit this as i have no (huge) area knowldge but the way batmud gives skills and abilitys to all its guilds is not helping neither. If party has two equaly good "drivers" and the otherone has rescue & leadership, it is plain stupid not to make that person the leader of the party. Also when trying to explore those areas for suitable partying having low (max) consider and not enough HPs to stand for one round to take a peak around are not helping either. Have you got any BatMud stories you care to share? One thing that happens all the time is that people mix me and mister Blackstar. It's funny, because years, years back I was not into blackstar at all (can't remember what was it), but now days I would pop to his place first to drop a hello. I'm sad that he lets all this player hostility to get him down, as he really is a nice fellow, and I would like to see him more. One other funny thing was that I found the command "target (blaa)" in this latest of starting to play again. Until that I had always used cast 'bloo' blaa or simply blasted away. Other amusing thing is that people have started to ask me a lot of front-row related questions, and I'm probably the worst one to ask about them as I have got 2 weeks experience about tanking. I bet it has something to do with the fact that Blackstar knows quite a deal about tanks stuff but I do get questions about front-row stuff that are really directed to me. Thanks for your interview Blackstar. Err... Blacksmith!

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