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BatMud Interviews

-- Blackstar --

Blackstar was interviewed on October 22, 2005.

Blackstar is a level 72 mortal of the Valar race.
He was created Wed Mar 05 07:39:19 2003 and he is 255d, 1h, 55min and 32s old.
He has been on for 11h, 20min and 1s, idle 38s.
He has killed: a priest of the third order, 353 exp
               huge swimming fish-monster with long.., 70853 exp (party of 8)
Web page: |Merchant|Bard|Nav|ss|
This player has a blog - last modified 6d, 7h, 46min and 24s ago. 
>Prots,IDs,FWs,labels - 2k |Quick reliable services, on the go!|Soon to come: 
>Exchange money - 10k      |===================================| 
>Repairs - 8k+material     |Inquire for Custom made armours,   |Chests
>MIP - 10k/cast            |Loc blade materials, and gemcutting|and Ships..
>surgeries - 80/5k 100/10k |======**now doing reagents**====== |

Tell us a little about yourself. Well, I'm 21 years old, and I go to SUNY Oswego (university) in upstate New York. My home town is on Long Island though. I'm working on my teaching degree in the field of technology education. No job, other then Batmud, hah. Oh and I'm Male. Will you finish your bachelors then start teaching? Yep, and then work on my masters while I teach, that's the plan. What do you like to do in your spare time, other than play Bat? Heh yeah, when I do manage to drag myself away from BatMUD I write poetry. I draw and take pictures too, and I like photography. What's something that no one else here knows about you? Hmm thats a hard one. Maybe that I'm not an idiot! I like to spam and often get people going, so to speak. Probably what most people don't know is that 99.9% of my newsposts are not serious. I just love the reactions. Have you had much trouble with other players over your postings? Oh lord, well as you can imagine a person like me gets a lot of violent attention. So yes. =) I'd say the worst was when Elero came at me with 2 dest wands. Luckily I resisted the first and his second wand blew up. That kinda work me up a little. =) I get into alot of player v. player battles. How did you find Bat? I started playing Batmud in the summer of 2002, when I graduated from high school. Ssmud was the first to teach me how to play, and he started with "this is how you make a command." Laugh, that helped. So 4th of July, Dutois showed me how to play for like 5 hours, wrote down a bunch of commands, and included a little map of the church tower.. and I was on my way. What do you think of your newbie experience on Bat? When I started playing, there was no free exp from explore, no pleasent town village, and highbies asked highbie questions on newbie channel. =) It was rough, and it took me a month to make 1m exp. Commands were the worst part, learning all the good weapons to buy, etc. It was fun though. The battles looked cool, so I kept playing. Do you think they're moving in the right direction with making Bat more newbie friendly? Yes and no. Yes with everything except player killing. I'm not saying I never whined when I was killed when I was small, but other players told me to 'stfu,' so I learned. Nowdays when you kill a newbie, 20+ people jump on your case like you just committed a huge atrocity. That's bogus. I think ~5 pkills should be allowed for no reason before you can even talk to admins about it. Tell me about your character on Bat, please. What's your current reinc? I'm a Valar who is a full merchant, 24 bard, and 5 ss levels. It's a good reinc with nice stats. Not boring at least. At the moment, I have 110m experience. Valar.. interesting. Tell me about that. Oh, well, I remember looking at Ordos' webpage with Dutois picking a first race for me (chose gnoll), and ever since I saw Valar there I was hooked. I fingered Tulkas, then went out bought the book The Silmarilion. I read it and wrote him a story. Well he's not kidding when he says "be patient" in his plan. Almost 2 years later, he gave me an invite. So the past two reincs I've made have really been great because this is something I've really wanted to be a part of for a long time. You should have seen my face irl when I got invited. I was up and out of my seat. How do you spend your time on Bat? Nowdays, I log on and usually read the news immediatly! Then I mine some gems, maybe make a chest, usually spend my time doing services for players. I'm trying to afford a nice eqset for my next reinc. I sometimes type gwho reaver and reminisce. What's your reinc plan? Reincing back to sabre bard, this time full sabre, 29 bards. I plan on using an lblade in my left hand to get my melee damage where I want it to be. I have some big dodge eqs now, so I think I could solo better with it, and defend better for exp and eq, etc. I like bards, it's a nice, well-rounded guild. A bit of a pain but worth the time. Do you have any TPs? TPs, yeah when donation season was open I donated like 17 bucks? haha.. It got me enough for a 25% boon. I had one or two from random gifts, Christmas tps, etc. Have you got any BatMud stories you care to share? Well hmm, a lot of fights, pkills etc. One time Arakorni transported me to Tiamat when I dim maked him and tried to kill him. I say the most interesting thing that ever happend to me was when Ssmud dropped the sword of wonders to an arch. The reaver bugged out and started attacking everyone who was in the same room with an lblade, or was holding one. =) It went on for a while before Zin came unidle and destroyed it.. and Ssmud caught a one month ban for that and was almost removed. I think that about does it.. I'm pretty much typed out. Is there anything you'd like to add that I missed? Yes! Maybe put in as a side note that I have a reaver guide, here are the two links: http://www.angelfire.com/rpg2/switchboard/revhowto.txt http://www.angelfire.com/rpg2/switchboard/revsort.txt First is a guide, second is a guild break down I came up with. And thats all about me.. Good luck with your interviews. Thanks! We'll be seeing you around.. and in the news. Thank you for your interview!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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