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BatMud Interviews

-- Chizra --

Dryad interviewed Chizra in October of 2005.

Chizra is a level 90 eternal of the Titan race.
It was created Sat Nov 07 03:25:16 1998 and it is 2y, 200d, 16h, 33min and 2s old.
It has been on for 11h, 15min and 18s, idle 8s.
It has killed: Bukh, the son of Oogga, 118450 exp
               the black dread, 583798 exp (party of 9)
>77k+ rep

Tell me about your character on Bat, please. I'm a full crimson/full barbarian with 8 society levels, 30 str/3 skillmax all, full str, weapon speed, super char, 60 skills and 60 resist all. 95m spent on levels, 163.5m spent on skills, no abilities, over-trained some expensive skills. Titan is a very expensive race. Happy with your character as it is now? Well no Titan is unhappy! With the superior size and skillmax. How was rebirth? Was it what you expected? It was more pain than I expected. I first was reborn with 375m totals, then I did 300m more and rebirthed again. And both times sucked, but when you gain enough experience, it starts to pay off. After two births, i was fond of nomad tanking (unlike other people), so I had to get Titan, which was 300m more. So I did that. It's worth it, it just takes some time and nerves to gather up experience to manage again. Tell us a little about yourself, in "real life". I go to Polytechnic of Turku. I'm a third year student in computer science, embedded systems. I'm 22 years old and a former Quake 1 team fortress professional! Being addicted to one game at time is healthy. Quake developed my reflexes a lot, but Batmud was something very different when I tried it. How and when did you get started on Bat? My friend played it (johgel aka eronk). I don't know how he knew about it, but he told me about it. I tried it, then I just started grinding, little by little. He was removed some winter, to celebrate Christmas. :) For the date, you can pretty much refer to my creation date, couple weeks before that. So I'm not really an oldbie, though I have experience. Does "Chizra" mean anything? It's the water god, picked from the original Unreal game. I used to have another name but I suicided that character. It was young enough that the name would not be memorable. what do you do here? Well nowadays I idle a lot. Occasionally I ask for a party on wanted because most of my friends are idle/not online/or are not suitable for a party. When I really want to play I'll just ask for members. I cannot ask any of my friends because, well, they're idle/dont want to do it. :) The main reason is that i run offensive parties, while my friends, that still play, do mage parties. Do you solo at all? None. What's a typical party like? I generally poke 20-60k monsters, well, not telling what areas I do. I always gather two more offtanks and a druidhealer that ticks well. I usually ask for a tiger or two, or a tiger and a bard, that can replenish my ep. Because stuns rock nowadays. What's your favorite area? Well that's too hard to say. I cannot answer that because I sorta like simple areas and some small bugs that appear on some areas. :) Do you have TPs? Where from? Some from bug reporting, some from giving Quadra a link to some picture. :) Some from donating. I have 4 boons, or 3 full and 60+60. What motivates you here on Bat? Guild objects/achievments and social affairs. More social motivators than exp nowadays. I just follow what happens. Ever consider wizzing? Never. Because playing is fun, wizzing would mean that I have one less game to play. I would have to code, well, I code otherwise too. It's a simple game to play when you know it, and I have good eq, so why toss it and wiz. Any comments on recent tunes or tunes that need to be made? Well, I don't comment on general things. I just follow tunes, but tunes seem to balance by general whine. There are always some minor things you can whine about, but some people will always think the opposite. :) The more you play, the less you whine. If something is too obvious, someone will do it for you. Ok, we're out of time for now. Thank you for your interview!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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