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BatMud Interviews

-- Continuity --

From Shadowjack's "Names Project" a nubmer of years ago:

What's the source of your name?

  Continuity was writing a book.  Robin Lanier had told
her about it.  She'd asked what is was about.  It wasn't
like that, he'd said.  It looped back into itself and
constantly mutated; Continuity was always writing it.

and at the end of the book

  Brigitte walks beside her, and there is no
pressure, no hollow of night, no hive sound.
There are no candles.  Continuity is there too,
represented by a strolling scribble of silver
tinsel that reminds her, somehow, of Hilton
Swift on the beach at Malibu.
  "Feeling better?" Brigitte asks.
  "Much better, thank you."
  "I thought so."
  "Why is Continuity here?"
  "Because he is your cousin, built from Maas
biochips.  Because he is young.  We walk with
you to your wedding."
  "But who are you, Brigitte?  What are you
  "I am the message your father was told to
write.  I am the veves he drew in your head."
Brigitte leans close.  "Be kind to Continuity.
He fears that in his clumsiness, he has earned
your displeasure."


Continuity is an AI designed to concentrate on one thing only, that's
quite like I am in rl, having one or maybe two things in my mind at the
same time, luckily they tend to change over the years. 

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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