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BatMud Interviews

-- Dewberry --

This was Dewberry's interview on October 31, 2005.  By March 2006, 
Dewberry had suicided his character.

Dewberry is a level 36 mortal of the Dwarf race.
It was created Mon Oct 24 18:15:08 2005 and it is 2d, 17h, 25min and 39s old.
It has been on for 4h, 58min and 24s, idle 9min and 23s.
It has killed: Lorne, the newbie leader cowers in t.., 3480 exp
               Nelson the bully leader, 1960 exp (party of 3)
>to become a newbie

Happy Halloween! Are you having a good day here on Bat? It's a great day today. I already met some nice highbies that already helped me, and I gained huge amounts of exp. And for the Halloween I don't know much about it. Ahh, I forget that it's a mostly-American holiday. Well it has become more known here in Finland in recent years! Please tell me a bit about yourself "in real life". I am 25 years old. I'm studying business at university. But currently mostly a real life idler. My (nerdish) hobbies are drinking beer, online games, IRC, electronic music, and rave parties. I got engaged a month ago with a girl who likes computer games also (the nerd's dream), and she is drawing some of my attention. I can't mud as much I would like. What other online games do you like to play? I used to play Ultima Online before, but my interest in that came to an end. Also, Counter Strike and Battlefield 1942 are ones that I have used my time on. My first mudding experience was in 1994, and and I have occasionally played those. They are very addictive, I would say. How did you find BatMud? The mud I played in 1993 was called 'Prime Time'. It sadly died because most people moved to BatMud. I used to be a wizard on that Prime Time mud for a few weeks before it completely died. With Prime Time gone, BatMud was a natural choice for me. However, I found BatMud very confusing and didn't play it much then. Interesting -- you had a character here a decade ago? Yes I played a week or two. I don't even remember what the character's name was. But from what I remember, a lot of things have changed since then. 10 years seems to be a long time for a mud! What prompted your recent return to BatMud? I went completely bored with Ultima Online, and then I decided to check to see if this mud still exists. I remembered when I immediately lost my heart to muds when I tried them the first time. How exactly did you re-find Bat? I used Google, searching the word "batmud" since I remembered its name. Tell me about your BatMud character. I'm a level 36 dwarf knight with a total worth of 1,14m. I studied various guilds and races from the official Batmud website and thought this would suit well for me. :) I chose a fighter guild because of its soloing ability. I named my character Dewberry after one weirdo guy what was on a reality television series called "Hells' Kitchen". You named your character after a cooking show!? Yes, that cooking show is one of my favourite programs currently. :) And, well, I couldn't think of better name. Really I can't cook anything, but my girlfriend likes cooking and forced me to watch that cooking show. And that guy was a real weirdo. Please tell me about your newbie experience here on Bat. I am positively surprised that I found people so helpful here. For example, today I had an explore party with some guy that give me much experience. And people have answered even my stupid questions on newbie channel. The first few hours here were very confusing, but I think I have gotten a good grip of this game now. There are still so many things that are new to me, but people generally are very helpful, and I am very glad of that. The challenge makes this game interesting and addictive. So many places to explore and skills and spells and guilds, etc. But I have noticed some "you stupid n00b" attitude, at least in some groups of older (especially in old Finnish players). But that also applies to many Finnish irc channels also and may be a part of our culture. What changes would you most like to see in the mud? Well I really can't answer that yet. I really haven't found any things to complain about. Any suggestions related to making the mud better for newbie players? I think the newbie set-up is pretty good. People generally are very newbie-friendly and helpful. This BatMud game is so complex that it is surely hard to get a grip on, at least when you are new to muds. But the newbie channel is really great. Have you had any run-ins with higher-level players yet? Yep, I looked at someone and he almost attacked me, but after that I heard that looking at other player is considered rude. Nothing serious has happened. I try be polite and avoid those run-ins. I know that it is not healthy to get highbie enemies. Ok, that about does it. Thank you for your interview!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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